Upcoming Philharmonics…

Today Sienna and Elliot illustrated that they have great potential within the music/entertainment industry. They played their instruments so you could hear them seven blocks away while they danced like little fairies in the wind. Ever since Elliot realized that he had a sister to look up to, he has been very keen on doing everything she does. Dressing up in pink princess clothes is no exception, and he was wearing gorgeous pink butterfly wings shortly after I took these pictures (at his own request of course). Later they sat down to do some Christmas decorations. Pictures of the artwork will come later, but they are particularly nice this year which is why they are taking longer to produce. Sienna also did a nice birthday greeting for her Great Grandma Ramsey, who is celebrating her 80th birthday this weekend.  She deserves a greeting more than anyone, since she never misses sending all of us our birthday and anniversary greetings. Anyhow, Sienna made three gingerbread men that are holding balloons (one heart balloon got away). Finally we were all off to the skating rink. Sienna is making very good progress whereas Elliot is more or less just starting out, so he has a bit to go still. As you can see from the pictures, though, everyone was having lots of fun.

1st Sunday of Advent

Last year we decided that it should be a tradition to sit down and eat æbleskiver and drink hot chocolate with cream on the first Sunday of Advent, but that was before we knew that Elliot is allergic to pretty much every single ingredient in that combo. As we all strive not to eat food that Elliot is allergic to in his presence we had to somewhat modify the tradition and take it  elsewhere. Hence Sienna invited Mormor to meet up with her and yours truly in Tivoli instead. It is rare that we have snow before Christmas, but winter came early this year and it was a very special experience to walk around with everything covered in snow. Sienna took Mormor on one of her favorite rides – the flying suitcases. You basically sit in a big trunk and then you are hauled through a fantasy world where all the most famous characters from H.C. Andersen’s fairytales are reproduced. We also saw a Christmas show and after that we sat down for æbleskiver/pan cakes/waffles and our hot chocolate with lots of cream. I can’t wait to carry this tradition on next year.


Today in Kindergarten the kids celebrated something called “Fastelavn” in Danish. Roughly put it is a Halloween party without the scary part, but with a piñata (or to be more precise, a barrel that the kids hammer on with a club). Sienna and I were very excited, because we had brought the cutest peacock outfit back from the Pottery Barn last time we were in Canada. I’d like to consider myself fairly creative, but since I am completely talentless when it comes to painting and drawing, I figured that I would do a practice round on the face decoration. The first try was a disaster, but second time around it got better. Today – the third time – I was sure I was going to ace it, but once again I had to come to the conclusion that I truly suck at the art of face painting. You only get one chance to get it right, and when your canvas is moving around and rubbing her eyes, it is even more of a challenge. Admittedly she didn’t end up the way I had intended, but she was still looking very cute and the kids and grownups at Kindergarten were very impressed… and amongst 30+ princesses and Spidermen, she was the only peacock.

The one picture below is from our practice session. Sienna painted me into a beautiful butterfly. The picture to the right is from last year, where I transformed her into a crazy-looking bee. As you can conclude, Sienna and I are pretty much at the same level when it comes to face painting.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

I barely recovered from a week with the flu so all the Christmas stuff we had planned for this weekend (Christmas goodies with Moster and baking cookies with some friends) unfortunately had to be cancelled. So no pictures to show! Instead I got a few snapshots ready from last weekend when Sienna was decorating the Christmas tree with daddy (and with a little help from Elliot as well).