After visiting Farmor, we stayed a couple days in Waterloo at Angela, Pete, Kenzy, and Logan’s house.  The kids immediately hit it off as usual and got in a lot of game playing and fun.  We took a day trip around Waterloo and went to the geological museum at the University with lots of rocks, bones, and even a little bit of gold digging.

Kitchener_2015-001-(Side-1) Kitchener_2015-002-(Side-2) Kitchener_2015-003-(Side-3)

Visiting Oma and Gump

After Milton we went to visit Oma in her nursing home and she is still quite the character always coming up with a big smile when she sees us.  Suzy was there to visit as well and gave the kids penguin socks as a reminder of her visit with us last year. After Oma, we made a wintery stop over at Gump’s place to say hi and to thank him for all the packages he mails the kids.  Elliot and Sienna got their traditional quick ride on his wheelchair while I was busy admiring the colorful birds.




Before heading back to Denmark we made a stop in Milton to visit our friends Oliver, Jane, and Hayley at their new house. After dinner the kids had a fun time playing with Hayley who showed them some new games.  Before we left Oliver whipped out his green lantern costume and had Shawn try it on to see if the kids could figure out who it was.


Canadian Winter Time

In Waterloo the kids had a good chance to experience the cold Canadian weather where the temperature was down to the mid -20’s at night.  Everyone had a great time tobogganing and playing in the snow.  The one big air blown toboggan kept on deflating due to some small holes but Angela has strong lungs and managed to keep it going long enough to get in all the rides the kids could handle.

Canada_2014-014-(Side-14) Canada_2014-013-(Side-13) Canada_2014-012-(Side-12)

Kenzy and Logan’s birthday party

Angela and Pete were able to schedule Kenzy and Logan’s birthday party for when we were visiting and they hired ‘Hands On Exotics’ to come and show the kids a bunch of different animals that they would not normally get to see and touch.  Everyone got into the spirit, even Elliot after his no-show at the trampoline place.  The kangaroo got a little bit too stressed out by all the kids chasing after it and unfortunately it decided to take it out on Sienna by giving her punch in the face. Thankfully she quickly recovered and once the kangaroo had left the party, birthday snacks and cake came out and the kids got to play around.

Canada_2014-003-(Side-3) Canada_2014-004-(Side-4) Canada_2014-005-(Side-5) Canada_2014-006-(Side-6) Canada_2014-007-(Side-7)

Toronto 2014

This year was the first year that we had our family trip to Canada in the winter.  Our first stop was in Toronto where we stayed with the Orsi’s.  The kids were really good not being too impacted by jetlag and had a fun time playing with Lucas and Matthew.  We made a trip to Skyzone which is a trampoline place where everyone could jump around and get airborne.  Everyone that is except Elliot who refused to participate.  His expression is pretty telling about how much he enjoyed himself there!

Canada_2014-001-(Side-1) Canada_2014-002-(Side-2)

Happy Birthday Owen

Happy birthday Owen. We know you are really into Super Mario so Sienna and Elliot worked on making you pictures of him and Luigi. Sienna’s is a shown below but Elliot also colored a picture for you, which he didn’t get to finish as all of a sudden it was bedtime. We hope that you like the present that we sent you, it goes along with the theme.