I really thought that when I married a Canadian, I was bound for some serious camping trips in the wild. Unfortunately Shawn got all camped out during his childhood years, so today he believes that camping is only something that mothers do with their daughters. Since we had really great weather during the weekend, I decided to test this hypothesis and take my otherwise cool city chick on an impulsive camping trip. We had a decent tent (from that one time where I twisted Shawn’s arm and made him take me camping in Montreal), but otherwise the rest of our gear was not really designed for camping. There was another family at the camp site and we were surely deemed crazy city slickers in their eyes, but nevertheless we got all of our gear out and got ourselves situated. Sienna loved the experience and could not fall asleep due to all the excitement, so this is definitely something we will be doing again. However, next time we will be sure to bring mosquito repellent.

Rasmus Klump

There are a lot of famous bears out there and in Denmark we have our own popular cub, Rasmus Klump. He is actually known throughout most of Europe and until not so long ago I used to have my office right next to the guy who’s been depicting the character for a number of years. In Tivoli they recently opened a Rasmus Klump universe with a playground which is very popular with the kids.

Pictures from the Summerhouse

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to a summerhouse in North Zealand. Although the weather forecast had predicted mostly rain, we only had one day of bad weather. The rest of the time we had fun playing outside or in the indoor pool and the jacuzzi. I had gotten little rafts for the kids and a battery driven squid, which they spent a lot of time chasing around in the pool. Sienna’s doll, Maddie, also jumped in her swim suit and joined in on the fun.  Some of the other highlights were; playing  the games that Sienna got for her birthday (Sienna didn’t want to stop playing the “go ape” game), and a day trip to the bird zoo, which also contained other animals such as goats, lizards, bunnies, hamsters, and moles (we didn’t see any moles, but Elliot dissected all the mole hills). There was also a lot of bug finding and exploring, playing with rocks and water, and building sand castles on the beach. And as usual we had the pleasure of having mormor and BC keeping us company for a couple of days.

Sienna’s 4th Birthday Party

Okay, so here are finally some pictures from Sienna’s 4th birthday party. We started out by inviting all the family members over to celebrate on the Sunday before the 29th. As you may recall, we were doing a Dora the Explorer theme. Sienna had wished for cakes that were pink, purple, and blue, and since I don’t have the time to do the more elaborate cakes I used to do, I opted for the cupcake solution which she was very pleased with. She also decorated her own miniature cupcakes with pink frosting, green dinosaurs, and purple sugar balls. Due to Elliot’s allergies he couldn’t have any of the good stuff that was on the menu, so I made his own little “celebration rice cake” with sugar icing and sprinkles. He looked at it like it was poisonous and he definitely didn’t care for it. It is somewhat ironic that he doesn’t like many sweet things, since sugar is one of the few things besides rice and potatoes that he is not allergic to. On the pictures below the poisonous rice cake, you can also see Elliot putting his hand to his mouth. He is doing the “drink” sign. His request is quickly fulfilled by aunt Louise, who also uses sign language with cousin Gabriel and therefore had no trouble understanding him.  After eating we moved on to the opening of presents which amongst other things included; Nintendo games, make-up dolls,  books, games, and Lego. The most treasured gift of the day was a knitted blanket from mormor, which was the only thing Sienna wished for when I asked her about it a few months ago.

April 10th

It’s been 8½ years since my grandmother passed away and not a day goes by where I don’t think about her. She would have turned 90 years old on April 10th. Every year on her birthday I bring one of the kids to her grave to tell them about her and honor her memory.  She was the most loving, caring, and selfless person that I have ever known.

Pictures from the Summerhouse

Here are some pictures from the summerhouse as promised. We lucked out on the weather and for the first three days we were able to enjoy some sunshine and spend some quality time outside. Both Sienna and Elliot had a really good time and enjoyed having new surroundings to explore. They enjoyed themselves so much that when we got home they suffered from severe post vacation syndrome and were quite grumpy and discontent for a couple of days. They are now back into the swing of things.

Christmas Time

The 24th started early with some cookie making in the kitchen. Sienna made cute little heart-shaped almond cookies and Elliot was very keen to with help with some quality controls in the process. He ensured that the cookie dough was the right consistency and temperature and later on when Moster came to join in on all the goodies- and treat-makings, he sampled all of the various kinds of sprinkles. Moster hung out for a while and she and Sienna had a lot of fun playing games. In the late afternoon we all went to Vesterbrogade to eat a delicious dinner and unwrap some presents. In Denmark it is customary to open presents in the evening, but we usually keep the presents from Canada for Christmas morning, so we do it both the Danish and the Canadian way. Amongst other things, Sienna got the Nintendo player that she had been wishing for for ages and Elliot got a little cow vehicle (not featured) so he can chase Sienna around on her mouse vehicle. Thank you very much for all the presents from Canada also. They included lots of Dora stuff, great books and lots of cars. We hope everyone out there had as nice and relaxing a holiday as we did.


Decorating the Christmas Tree

I barely recovered from a week with the flu so all the Christmas stuff we had planned for this weekend (Christmas goodies with Moster and baking cookies with some friends) unfortunately had to be cancelled. So no pictures to show! Instead I got a few snapshots ready from last weekend when Sienna was decorating the Christmas tree with daddy (and with a little help from Elliot as well).



A few days after we left for Canada Sienna and Elliot got a new little cousin in Denmark. Melanie was born on October 11, and her parents are Maibritt and Jacob (my younger brother). Sienna and I went to meet her for the first time yesterday. She was very cute, but not in the mood for pictures. She would either make herself cross-eyed or put her hands in front of her face or yell at us. I managed to get a couple of shots while she was napping and a single one before she covered her face with her hands. Congratulations to Maibritt and Jacob on their beautiful new baby girl.