While Sienna and Shawn were in Canada Elliot and I got to spend a lot of extra quality time together. We did a little bit of sewing, some shopping, lots of cuddling, and hours of playing Uno and Super Mario. In the evening I also finally found the time to catch up on the blog so don’t forget to scroll down and see the pictures from Fastelavn and from our winter vacation in Germany.

Elliot’s 4th Birthday Party

Since Shawn was travelling on Elliot’s fourth birthday Elliot had to wait excruciatingly long before he got his “real” birthday gift: the Nintendo that he had been wishing for for so long. He finally got it on December 2, the same day we had invited all of the family over to celebrate. After he got the Nintendo I asked him “did you think you were going to get it or were you losing hope?”, and he went “I was losing hope”.





Happy 4th Birthday Elliot

It was a dark and cold morning when Elliot and I rolled out of bed to celebrate Elliot’s 4th birthday. As usual there was a greeting card from his great grandma and grandpa and after that was opened and read he turned his attention towards the presents from his Canadian cousins. He was very happy about the remote control car from Owen and Kyle, and the gift certificates to the app store from both Kenzy,  Logan, and Tessa were also a big hit. These days Elliot is playing a lot of Snail Bob on the Ipad so he couldn’t wait  to get more levels. Every year since the kids were born I have been spending the entire day alone with them on their birthdays and this year was no exception. Shawn was in San Francisco and Sienna had been shipped off to spend some quality time with some of her Danish cousins, uncles and aunts. Elliot started out by having some of his favorite foods for breakfast which included; french fries, salami, hot dogs with ketchup and mayo, and apple juice. After breakfast he got dressed in his favorite shirt and then we got in the car and headed towards Tivoli. Elliot didn’t feel like trying a lot of rides, just one trip in the veteran cars and then he was ready do eat popcorn and just look around. After hanging out at Tivoli we drove to his favorite mall to eat burgers and to do a bit of shopping. We then stopped by Mormor and Bedstefar Carlos’ house to hang out for a bit and finally, we returned home to chill under the blankets and play some more Snail Bob. When Sienna returned the next day Elliot got to open more presents. He got some glowing markers and a cool flying disc which the kids played with for a long time. Sunday the 18th of November was also the day where Elliot was forced to say goodbye to his beloved pacifier(s) for good. It was a bit rough when he had to fall asleep, but the thought of his reward – a big box of Spiderman Flexi Trax – made him pull through without too many tears. Thanks to everyone in Canada for the nice presents (unfortunately the one from Farmor hasn’t arrived yet), and also a special thanks to Kenzy and Logan for their nice video greeting which made Elliot smile.



Quality time

One of the best things about the trip for Sienna is that she basically gets to live the entire time at Farmor’s and Opa Gump’s house so she gets to spend some real quality time with them. Elliot still needs his mom and dad around so he got a lot of quality time in with us at the cottage. The picture where he looks like a little angel is very misleading, by the way.

No training wheels

Today when I picked Elliot up from Kindergarten he goes: “mommy, do you want to see that I can bike all by myself?”, and then he ran and jumped on a bike with no training wheels. Mommy (with much pride in her voice): “who taught you how to do that?”. Elliot: “I just taught myself”. So the very first thing we did when we came back home was to take off the training wheels on his own bike. He took a long time deciding on the tools to use for the purpose and he also made sure that every little screw which was staying on got tightened at least two or three extra times. Once the training wheels were off he took it for a spin down the road while looking like those training wheels had been off forever.


I still haven’t finished sorting the pictures from the safari park so in the meantime I’ll post this picture of Elliot, just because I want to always remember what he said to me tonight when he was telling me what he was grateful for; “I’m grateful that you are so funny and sweet and that you are super smart and I’m grateful that you give me so many hugs and kisses and that you give me a home”. How can the day end on a more perfect note than this coming from a 3-year old?

Last day

Sienna is starting school so today was the last day that she went to Kindergarten. Elliot also had to say goodbye to everyone as he is going to another Kindergarten close to our new house. Since Sienna’s birthday is coming up we decided to combine the farewell party with her birthday party, and for the occasion we packed a fruity monster bird along with some homemade buns.

Fastelavn in Kindergarten

Yesterday it was time for Fastelavn in Kindergarten so we sent off one very  beautiful butterfly and one very handsome fire captain. On Sunday we are once again hosting they early Fastelavn party for the entire family so we are very busy with the preparations. I’ll see if I can find time to post a few pictures, but we can’t reveal too much of what’s going on at this time.

Elliot at the hospital

I just looked at my January 2012 picture folder and it is probably the folder with the least pictures since Sienna was born in 2006, thus also the lack of blog posts. As previously mentioned the weather has not been ideal for picture taking for a long time, but other than that the house project is still steeling a lot of my spare time. Additionally the kids were sick, which also demanded a lot of resources, and just the other day I had to rush Elliot to the hospital again. This time his oxygen levels were too low so we had to spend the night while he was constantly monitored, given oxygen, and doped with medicine. He was a really good little patient and the doctors are always very impressed with him because he is so cooperative even though he is feeling crummy. We were released in the afternoon the following day and he is doing fine now.

The Magic 5

This post mostly serves as a reminder to myself about how Elliot is sometimes driving us nuts. He has always been very fond of his soothers, and he used to need one in his mouth and one in each hand when he went to bed. A while ago, however, he upped that number to 5 and he will scramble around in bed like a little maniac and yell all night until the accounting is right. It’s hard to believe that someone who looks so peaceful and cute can at certain times get so much on your nerves.

Being grateful…

It is nice to experience how both the kids are increasingly focusing on things they can be grateful for. If I forget to ask about it in the night Sienna will remind me, and today at Burger King Elliot all of a sudden found a lot of things to be grateful for (after one small complaint). Elliot: “I’m grateful for Mc. Donalds”. Me: “well, we are actually at Burger King, not Mc. Donalds”. Elliot: “why?” Me: ”that’s just what this place is called”. Elliot: “I don’t like Burger King, I want Mc. Donalds”. I just let that comment hang in the air and after a bit of silence he decided that Burger King would have to do, where after he continued: “I’m also grateful for pumpkins, and for balloons, and for Christmas, and for birthdays… and I’m grateful for my sister”. To see the expression on Sienna’s face at that time and to experience the love between those two little people in general is what makes life worth living.

Elliot’s Birthday Party

There wasn’t a lot of light available for taking pictures today, hence the scarcity of shots I managed to get during Elliot’s 3rd birthday party. I did however shoot a couple of frames when he was blowing out the candles on his miniature cupcake (he is still allergic to everything that’s in it, but I knew he would only want the jelly bears on top of them). There is also a picture of the famous giant lollipop that many of you have heard a lot of talk about. I put all the lollipos in a vase with some flowers made from silk paper, and then I also made a more healthy sidekick bouquet from fruit. Interesting enough the lollipop bouqet is still standing, while the fruit one was devoured. Finally, there are a few pictures of Elliot with some of the balloons that he had wished for (his only wish other than the giant lollipop swirl), which I took before the guests came. Allthough there are not a bunch of pictures to support it, it was a very good day and all the cousins played nicely together with only a minimal amount of fighting over the toys.

Pictures from yesterday

Here are some pictures of yesterday’s birthday boy. He was very excited about the entire day and started out by asking about the skeleton balloon he had been wishing for ever since he didn’t get one for Halloween. While Shawn was cooking breakfast, Elliot and Sienna were playing with his new toys. He got a lot of new hexbugs and tracks and modules for his bug collection and Sienna got him a moon car, which he is also very happy about. After Elliot and I dropped Sienna off at Mormor’s, we went for a long swim at the pool, and after that we went for lunch at Elliot’s favorite restaurant (Mc. D). Finally we went to Tivoli, and since Elliot had just turned 3 he was old enough to take the veteran car for a drive all by himself.

Elliot @ 3 Years Old

Today was Elliot’s third birthday and just like last year I took the day off to spend some serious quality time with him.  I have a few pictures to post, but I am in the process of installing a new computer so even the most simple little projects are taking for ever. I plan to catch up and also get the rest of the pictures from our vacation up very soon, so have patience with me. In the meantime a very happy birthday to my big boy, who is growing way too fast.