Summer update

I can’t remember ever having as much warm and sunny weather in Denmark as we’ve had for the past two months, so it’s been extraordinarily difficult to go inside and sit by the computer. School is over, though, and it won’t be long before we head out on another road trip, which means that very soon there will be well over thousands of pictures to sort through. Hence, if I don’t get caught up now, I will probably never get caught up. On this premise, I have posted more than fifteen posts starting from the beginning of the year. The text is work in progress, so please have patience with me while you enjoy these pictures of the two guinea pigs that we were guinea pig sitting in June. They are stinky little creatures but so soft and cute, and we had loads of fun and good times with them.

This and that – April

Whereas Sienna can do magic in the kitchen, Elliot has always been quite the handy man outside. He mows the lawn, trims the hedge, and collects yard waste. Here he is featured doing some spring cleaning. The other pictures are from when my parents came for our traditional Easter lunch/dinner, plus our yearly visit to my grandma’s grave. Finally, there are some pictures from a family tournament at Elliot’s badminton club.

Happy Easter

It’s been a fun but busy Easter this year. Fortunately we found the time to do one of our favorite Easter traditions, cookie decorating. I have also managed to get the pictures from our trip to Thailand up on the blog. The posts have been backdated to November, 2017. The recent posts from our road trip to England have been backdated to April, 2017.


On Thursday the 23rd of November 2017 we boarded a plane heading from Copenhagen to the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. We arrived in Bangkok the following morning and after a long wait at the rental car agency we finally got our car. We drove 225 km south and shortly after passing through the city of Hua Hin we arrived at Villa Vista, a little “Swedish village” in Thailand. Our villa was conveniently located right next to the pool, so the kids quickly pulled out their swimming gear and jumped in.



After a night in a roadside hotel in Michigan, we finally arrived back in Canada at Karen and Rob’s place. The kids were excited to see their cousins, Tessa and Conner, and get some more pool action in. Rob had some scuba gear so Sienna and Elliot got to try out breathing underwater for the first time. We had some great food, played a lot of games, and ended out with a visit to a very nice mini put golf course.  Final stop was back to farmor’s place for one more night before heading back to Denmark.

The Georgian Bay

After our successful camping experience, we drove up to the Orsi’s cottage on Georgian Bay to visit Kim, Chris, Lucas, and Matthew. We got lucky that the weather turned a bit warmer so it was straight into the water after a long drive north through traffic. In addition to celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday on the 1st of July, we got a lot of fun activities in; kayaking, paddle boating, fishing, tubing, sea-do riding, and boating. In between the water action we played some games inside and tried to avoid the mosquitoes.  We all kept really busy and before we knew it, it was time to head out on a long drive towards Minnesota.


St. Michaels Mount

After our visit to the most westerly point of England, we started heading eastwards. Next stop was St Michael’s Mount, a small tidal island in Mount’s Bay. The island is linked to the town of Marazion by a man-made causeway of granite setts, passable between mid-tide and low water. We started off with a walk along the beach and then proceeded to stroll across the granite causeway. On the island there is a medieval church and castle, and it is home to a small community. Inside the castle the kids partook in a quiz where they had to search for a giant’s stone heart, the armour of a samurai warrior, and a mummified cat, amongst other things. The castle was well preserved with great views of the sea and countryside. We made it back to shore before the tide came back in and continued on to our next destination.


After Bath, we headed to the countryside and visited a Safari park connected to an old English stately home called Longleat. There were a lot of different animals to see, and the monkeys climbing on the car and eating our antenna was one of the highlights. After the safari we paid a quick visit to the attached mini amusement park, where Sienna the brave held a giant tarantula.

Winter break in Denmark

For the past couple of years we have spent our winter breaks in Canada and the Caribbean, but as we will be going on a three week road trip in North America during the summer, we decided to stay in Denmark for the winter (apart from the trip we took to St. Croix in December). We have had very few days with snow here so when it was finally around, we made sure to go to the forest and enjoy it. After that we returned to warm waffles and hot chocolate. It was also Valentine’s Day during the winter break and while Shawn and celebrated the night in a nice hotel, Elliot and Sienna got to spend some quality time with Mormor and BC. Below they are writing some very sweet Valentine’s cards in which they are expressing their gratitude towards their grandparents. Other than that we spend the week baking, playing lots of board games, doing puzzles, playing with Lego, and practicing our head stands. We also went downtown a couple of times. One afternoon we played a fun game of petanque and ate some juicy burgers. Another time we enjoyed a big brunch and also seized the opportunity to pay my good friend Karsten a visit. He owns a very luxurious high end fashion store in Denmark with prices slightly over our budget. The coat Sienna is sporting costs around $20.000.

The Mežica Lead and Zinc Mine

On our way from Slovenia to Austria, we stopped at an old zinc mine turned into a tourist attraction. We put on mining equipment and took a ride on a genuine mining train right to the heart of the mine, the Moring district. Driving through the 3.5 km long tunnel lasted about 15 minutes and could be described as a quite uncomfortable and somewhat terrifying experience. The train ride was a bit much for Elliot, but once we made it to our destination, the fear quickly subsided. We stepped out at the station in the heart of the mountain, 600 m below the surface. Accompanied by a guide we headed down a tourist trail to find out more about the history of mining. In the mine, different types of mining equipment and tools that were used by miners in different historical periods were presented, from the early beginnings over 350 years ago until the last days of mining in 1995. We had a really interesting trip through the mine, and Elliot appreciated that it was okay to touch many of the exhibited objects.

Slovenia-021 Slovenia-020 Slovenia-019 Slovenia-018



Happy 10th Birthday to Sienna

It was one very happy 10-year old who got out of bed this morning. She started out the day with some nice new clothes including some cool neon items, which she will need for the neon-themed birthday party we are throwing for her class at the end of May. She also got some rolling shoes from her cousins in Canada and she got a weekend trip to Barcelona from us. After opening the presents there was time for some cinnamon waffles with ice cream and sprinkles. After that she was off to school. To commemorate the day, she brought homemade party puppies to her teachers and all of her class mates. Before lunch I picked her up from school again, and as tradition goes we headed to Tivoli to celebrate the big day with Mormor.

Sienna_10-001 Sienna_10-002 Sienna_10-003

Winter in Canada

After Milton and Toronto, we headed to Kitchener to stay at Angela and Pete’s place.  The rest of the family came to visit so we were a full house. The kids played board games and Minecraft, and got to get out skiing for a day.  We then did a quick visit out to Aylmer and did the usual tour of visiting Oma, Grandma Ramsey, Gump, and Farmor.  The visits were short but sweet and we quickly were headed back to Toronto for our flight home.

Happy New Year

Like last year, we had a fun and relaxing New Year’s Eve with some friends at their summerhouse in the northern part of Zealand. I didn’t bother taking any pictures, so instead I am wishing everyone a happy New Year with a picture of this really cool guy, whom I am so proud of. What I am not so proud of, is the fact that 2015 was the worst year ever when it comes to updating the blog. I usually never care to look at the statistics, but today I just got an annual report saying that the blog had been visited more than 3600 times in 2015. That’s a lot of visits, which have more or less all been in vain, seeing that I made a total of four posts during the year (which were all promises to catch up soon). In light of this disappointing performance, I decided to pull myself together for real, and so today I managed to post all the pictures from our visit to Canada in February last year (click here and scroll to the bottom) as well as a bunch of pictures from April (click here). I hope I will be able to do better in 2016.