Last weekend we took a trip to Amsterdam with the kids. None of them were on top of the world before departure so we considered canceling, but decided to go in the end. Elliot – on the other hand – decided to try and get of the metro at every stop going to the airport and after takeoff, he decided to scream his lungs off for at least 50 minutes out of the 1 hour flight. We also didn’t realize that we had chosen the one weekend of the year, were the gay pride festival was being held in the city, so we got to see a lot of funny dressed up people sailing by our hotel room. And it’s safe to say that it was raining on their parade. Despite a forecast calling for nothing but sun, it poured down the entire day. We were able to make it to a big science fair, though, and we all had a good time in there. You could make some giant soap bubbles and I was just about to take a picture of Sienna inside of one when it blew. This was caused by Elliot, who had skydived into the bubble (probably to make it burst) and then continued on into the big container of soap. But what kind of mom doesn’t bring a change of clothes, so we were quickly ready to continue our exploration. Elliot was particularly fascinated by a big machine transporting balls all over the place and Sienna got to have fun with some water experiments. They also both enjoyed the watery element at the hotel, which had a nice pool with warm water. Finally we  spent some time in the zoo and got to see a cute baby giraffe and a couple of other animals that they don’t have at the zoo in Copenhagen, and we also made it on the obligatory boat trip around the canals. So even with our challenges we had a good trip. We are slightly concerned about how Elliot is going to handle himself next time we step on an airplane with him, though. This time the flight time will be 8 hours instead of 1…

Congratulations to myself…

Elliot is now at the point in his life where he is taking an interest in pictures, so the other day I was scrolling through the blog with him and while we were talking about the pictures, I realized that it was time to congratulate myself. For a full year I have managed to keep this blog pretty much up to date despite the fact that it is a quite time consuming task. A total of 104 posts in a year, which almost averages a new post every 3rd day. Every now and then I fall a little behind, just like now, but I usually catch up. This time the lack of posts is a result of me having been in NYC most of last week and also the fact that I’m rounding up a lot of photo shoots with clients. I have decided to more or less retire from my photography business, because I spend way too much time at it and I would much rather dedicate this time to my own family and pictures of my own kids. So hopefully this decision will imply that I won’t be falling behind as much with the posts on the blog. Anyhow, here are a few shots from last week when I was trying out a new lens at Times Square.


I really thought that when I married a Canadian, I was bound for some serious camping trips in the wild. Unfortunately Shawn got all camped out during his childhood years, so today he believes that camping is only something that mothers do with their daughters. Since we had really great weather during the weekend, I decided to test this hypothesis and take my otherwise cool city chick on an impulsive camping trip. We had a decent tent (from that one time where I twisted Shawn’s arm and made him take me camping in Montreal), but otherwise the rest of our gear was not really designed for camping. There was another family at the camp site and we were surely deemed crazy city slickers in their eyes, but nevertheless we got all of our gear out and got ourselves situated. Sienna loved the experience and could not fall asleep due to all the excitement, so this is definitely something we will be doing again. However, next time we will be sure to bring mosquito repellent.

Chasin’ Waterfalls…

Water, acqua, wasser, eau, जल, vand, вода, vesi, or água… it doesn’t matter what you call it, Elliot loves it. Continuously throughout the day he will push his stool over to one of the sinks and yell for someone to turn the tap on. He will play with it for the rest of the day – if we let him – and he always throws a fit, when we turn the water off. He is also someone to aspire to when it comes to drinking water. It seems like he takes in 2-3 liters of fluid on a daily basis.

Elliot’s first Artwork

I have displayed a lot of Sienna’s artwork over the past few months, but Elliot is actually quite artistic too. Unfortunately he seems to prefer tables, floors, furniture, or himself as his canvas. This morning he decided to paint over the entire kitchen floor with a colorful mix of spices. I didn’t have time to take a picture, but it looked a lot nicer than it smelled. Let’s just say that we won’t be going to any Indian restaurants any time soon because I could only smell curry for the rest of the day. Instead of his spicy art, I am posting the very first picture that he made completely unassisted and where he actually limited himself to drawing on the paper only. Naturally, I am very proud of him.

Elliot's very first artwork that he made unassisted and without painting on either himself, the table, the floor or any of the furniture.

April 10th

It’s been 8½ years since my grandmother passed away and not a day goes by where I don’t think about her. She would have turned 90 years old on April 10th. Every year on her birthday I bring one of the kids to her grave to tell them about her and honor her memory.  She was the most loving, caring, and selfless person that I have ever known.

Pictures from the Summerhouse

Here are some pictures from the summerhouse as promised. We lucked out on the weather and for the first three days we were able to enjoy some sunshine and spend some quality time outside. Both Sienna and Elliot had a really good time and enjoyed having new surroundings to explore. They enjoyed themselves so much that when we got home they suffered from severe post vacation syndrome and were quite grumpy and discontent for a couple of days. They are now back into the swing of things.


As promised I’m posting some of the pictures from our recent trip to Rome. As you can see there is no shortage of attractions. We walked non-stop for two days and  covered most of the main sights. We fueled ourselves by eating lots of ice cream and having authentic Italian pizza. It was a very relaxing break to get away with just the two of us.

And here is a walk down memory lane…

We’re back…

As most of you know it was my birthday on Friday and I had decided to surprise Shawn with a weekend trip to Rome, Italy. I lived in Rome for 8 months 13 years ago, so I have already walked most of the main streets many times, but no matter how much you go you never get tired of this place. Every time you round a corner, there is a new piece of history to be told. I snapped a few pictures of some of the main sights (Anne Mette you would not be proud of me), which I will post soon. Thank you once again for all the nice birthday greetings from everyone and particularly thank you to my mom who made the trip possible by taking good care of Sienna and Elliot back in Copenhagen.

Sienna’s Wish List

Sienna’s birthday is still 2½ months away, but since her Canadian family members are usually shipping birthday gifts well in advance, I figured I would put an inspirational list together in due time. The gorgeous girl with the beautiful blue eyes is still a TV addict, so you will find quite a few DVDs on the list, which is available by clicking here or from the link under “blogroll” on the right-hand menu. If you want me to remove things from the list, just send an email.