I am usually not a big fan of clowns, but of course the little cute one below is an exception to the rule. All the kids at the daycare were performing some kind of circus activity the other day and Sienna had chosen to be one of the clowns. At first they were all tripping over some toy and then Sienna pulled the chair away from under one of the other clowns so he fell to the ground. They were also throwing pies at each other. While Sienna was performing, Elliot was busy checking out the premises; he was looking for escape routes, testing the power outlet, and ensuring that the doll’s bed was sturdily built and could hold a doll of at least 25 lbs.

Winter time…

These days the weather slightly reminds me of living in Montreal. It is freezing cold and we have lots of snow, which is not that common in this part of the world. Yesterday cousin Gabriel came by for some picture taking, but he wasn’t in the mood. Not even a quick trip outside in the lovely minus -8°C could change his mind. Sienna and Elliot, though, were ready to play outside as always. They didn’t mind the cold and had fun taking turns on the slide and the swing on the playground. I didn’t get a lot of pictures, because my fingers froze up instantaneously every time I took my mittens off. winter

Monthly Pictures

Every month since the kids were born I have been taking their picture – Elliot on the 17th and Sienna on the 29th. Today I quickly had to shoot Sienna before she headed over to mormor and BC’s house for some quality time, and naturally Elliot decided to do everything in his power to obstruct this project. First he kept getting in the frame and as soon as I tried exploiting this by getting a shot of them both, he catapulted off the couch and ran over, jumped on my back, and tried to pull the camera away from me. He is crazy about pushing the buttons on anything electronic. He turns the dvd player and the Wii on and off at least 70 times a day. Although Elliot gets on Sienna’s nerves sometimes (for instance by turning her Diego dvd off for the 20th time in 5 minutes) they really play nicely and they love to cuddle with each other. They are becoming more and more inseparable. Before Elliot will eat his kale breakfast smoothie he has to go and wake Sienna up. He will stand at the end of the bed and continuously do the “eat” sign until she gets going and joins him at the dinner table.

january 29th


I love traditions and Sienna is now at the age where she can start to grasp the concept, so we kicked off the first Sunday of advent with some Christmas related activities. First of PJ (Santa’s little helper/Sienna’s bear) had hung up advent calendars for the kids. Elliot got a game and Sienna got a nice grocery basket for when she goes shopping in her fully equipped in-house super market. After playing with the new toys for a while, Sienna went with her dad to the skating rink. Meanwhile Elliot and I went downtown to pick up some new stuff to decorate with. Elliot had a hard time understanding that all the glittering balls weren’t meant for throwing, but we made it out of the store without braking too many items. I’m not crazy about the Christmas elfs, so I usually bring home rein dears or mooses instead. This time we found some quilted grey ones that were cute and decorative. When Sienna and Shawn returned from the skating rink, we all sat down to have hot chocolate with cream, æbleskiver (the little round donuts) and clementines, which to me are very symbolic of Christmas time. I decided that this would be a great way to kick off Christmas for time to come, so hot chocolate, æbleskiver, and clementines on the first day of advent will be a tradition in this family from now on.


Everybody is enjoying hot chocolate, æbleskiver and clementines. Sienna and I also made a very simple and alternative advent wreath (which barely shows in the picture). Next week we might be doing something a little bit more artistic with mormor.

The End of Baby Elliot

My maternity leave ended on Sunday so this week has been quite busy. A few hours ago I just realized that I haven’t made arrangements for Baby Elliot’s Birthday, which is coming up in less than 2 weeks. So as soon as the kids were in bed I sat down to create an invitation. When he turns one he is officially a toddler (in my book anyhow), so he will have to lose his cute nickname that Sienna gave him long before he was born, i.e. “Baby Elliot”. I don’t think we will be calling him “Toddler Elliot” instead. He will just be known to the world as “Elliot”.

By the way, I have also found the time to update the missing posts/pictures from our trip. Scroll down or click here: Belize , Honduras, Inside the Carnival Legend ,and The Florida Aquarium.



In my book airlines generally have a pretty bad track record. It is extremely rare that thinks run smoothly and when we weren’t able to check in for our return flight on Wednesday I already started having bad feelings. Shawn called KLM and they did confirm that we were checked-in on 4 seats together, but when we arrived at the airport in due time, those seats had been given away to someone else. Everything was somewhat chaotic because they had canceled the previous flight and now they were stuck with 400 passengers too many. They managed to get us on a flight with Air Canada via London, but we had to run from terminal 3 to terminal 1 with two tired kids and well over 200 kilos/450 pounds of luggage.We could never had made it if it weren’t for Shawn’s good friend Oliver, so once again a BIG THANKS to him (he also always meets and greets us at the airport when we fly in).

At terminal 1 the Air Canada representatives didn’t think it was a problem that they could only seat us one by one (we had a seat in the middle row on 4 different rows). They thought that we should just be grateful they came to our rescue and found seats on a sold-out flight. Fortunately the air hostess was very friendly, and she managed to get us somewhat together so Elliot and Sienna didn’t have to handle the 7-hour flight commute to Europe on their own. The airplane was much smaller than KLM’s, but much never and nicer, and the kids slept reasonably well so other than the initial stress it actually ended up being a quite tolerable journey for once.

Sienna has already mentioned many times that she misses Canada and the family and friends there, but both the kids were still very happy to be home and were jumping around once reunited with all of their toys and their rugbrød (i.e rye bread which is only made properly in Denmark). Our 8 suitcases and 5 carry-on bags were cleared out an put away in record time (less than an hour) and now everybody is working on overcoming the jet lag while the washing machine is working on the first of approximately 20 loads of laundry it has coming.

I wanted to demonstrate the enormous amount of luggage we always bring back, but I had the wrong lense on my camera (too much zoom) so I had to run halfway through the terminal to get all the luggage (well over 200 kilos/450 pounds) in the frame, and there wasn't really time for that.
I wanted to demonstrate the enormous amount of luggage we always bring back, but I had the wrong lense on my camera (too much zoom) so I had to run halfway through the terminal to get all the luggage (well over 200 kilos/450 pounds) in the frame, and there wasn't really time for that.

The Florida Aquarium

After the cruise we had a few hours to kill before we headed back to Canada, so we decided to check out the Florida Aquarium, which is right outside the port. I went inside with the kids while Shawn stayed with all of the luggage. It was difficult taking pictures when I had to attend to Elliot and Sienna at the same time, but it is a pretty nice and big aquarium.They had some huge stingrays and a very big and very ugly fish(bigger and longer than Sienna). They also had alligators, starfish that you could touch, parading penguins, and lots of colorful fish and jelly fish.


Roatan, Honduras

Our last stop was a small island just of the coast of Honduras called Roatan. The weather was extremely humid and hot and we had signed up for an exciting “Pirates, monkeys and parrots tour”. After being instructed multiple times by our guide to discard all bags and bottles so the monkeys wouldn’t attack us, we showed up with another 200 tourists to take turns holding one small monkey. We waited in line while the monkey moved from one arm to the next, but to everyone’s surprise the monkey handler placed the monkey on Sienna’s head instead of her arm. Needless to say, she was fairly uncomfortable, but once it was off her head and on daddy’s arm she was very relieved. Other than monkeys we saw parrots, iguanas and humming birds. Baby Elliot tried to grab a parrot, which quickly turned around and snapped at him. Dad saved him just in time before he lost any fingers. We took a quick jump in the ocean before we had to get back to the ship.


Keeping busy

The kids have been kept very busy ever since we arrived – Sienna in particular. The other day she was carving pumpkins at farmor’s house, going for wagon rides with Gump and Kenzie and Logan, and she also found time for a bubble b@th with the twins.

Yesterday she went with farmor and mommy to a farm with all kinds of halloween activities. She started out by having her cheek decorated with a glittery pumpkin and after that she made a really nice scarecrow with farmor. Then all three of us went inside the big corn maze. We ran into several families that couldn’t find there way out. It must have been a little bit of the Viking survival instinct that kicked in, cause Sienna and mommy were the ones to find the way out. After the maze Sienna picked out a couple of pumpkins to take home and carve out.




In the afternoon we went for thanksgiving dinner at great grandma and great grandpa Ramsey’s house. As always, it was very busy and noisy there, but Sienna had lots of fun playing with Gavin and Ethan (Shawn’s cousin Andy and his wife Colleen’s kids). Sienna and Gavin are born only a day (or maybe it is two days?) apart.

great grandma 2great grandma

My Little Troopers

I am little bit behind on the updates, but I’ll try and catch up today and tomorrow.

First off, I can tell that the 18 hours of transportation from Kaj Munks Vej in Denmark to Calton Line Road in Canada went amazingly well. I base this on the fact that the elderly lady closest to us on the airplane commented on our kids’ very good behavior 7 hours into the flight, and that the airline didn’t miss a single piece of luggage (for the first time in 3 years), and that none of the kids threw any tantrums whatsoever despite serious boredom, lack of space and overtiredness.

The past few days the kids have been enjoying the new surroundings and hanging out with the family in Canada. Sienna took one night to adapt to the jetlag, so she is back on her normal schedule. She spent all day and her first night at grandma’s/farmor’s house yesterday (“farmor” is the Danish word for grandma. It means “father’s mother” and Shawn’s mom prefers Sienna and Elliot to use this title rather than grandma).

Elliot is a little bit off his rocker. He is having lots of fun too, but he has a hard time beating the jetlag and he refuses to sleep in the night. He has also been bullying his older cousin Logan, ripping most of the plants apart and he almost stabbed one of the dogs at farmor’s and Gump’s house with a pen.

I am missing my photo editing software, so I am challenged on the picture side, but here are a few pictures of my little troopers playing outside Uncle Derek’s (Shawn’s brother) and Aunt Crystal’s house.

Sienna in the front yard of uncle Derek and aunt Crystal's house
Sienna in the front yard of uncle Derek and aunt Crystal's house
Elliot running around ouside uncle Derek and aunt Crystal's house
Elliot running around ouside uncle Derek and aunt Crystal's house
Elliot and Sienna playing by the pond with their sticks
Elliot and Sienna playing by the pond with their sticks
Sienna taking a ride on the sea monster
Sienna taking a ride on the sea monster
Elliot with a stick (these kids like their sticks)
Elliot with a stick (these kids like their sticks)
Sienna swinging VERY high on the swing
Sienna swinging VERY high on the swing

Goodbye Sideburns

I think many parents have great difficulty realizing when their little ones are due for their first haircut. There is something about those first locks of hair which are so fine and so incredibly soft that makes it almost impossible to part with. Over time I have seen babies with some crazy and not so flattering hairdo’s and I’ve always promised myself that I wouldn’t let that happen to my own kids. I should have heeded my own advice and gotten the scissors out sooner for baby Elliot, because as you can see from below this little Blondie was out of control already. But I finally got my act together and with a little help from daddy and a banana candy (a dehydrated banana packed with healthy vitamins and minerals) we said bye bye to the sideburns.

Elliot before and after his mommy snipped his sideburns off.
Elliot before and after his mommy snipped his sideburns off.


Denmark is a nation of bikers, in fact 9 out of 10 Danes have a bike and 34% use it as a mean of transportation. Today it was time for baby Elliot to mount the beast for the first time. He just leaned back and enjoyed the ride as he went from mormor’s house to his own house.

little bikers
Top pictures: Elliot and Sienna on their first bike rides. Today Sienna has her own fancy vehicle. She normally wears a helmet, but I made her take it off for picture purposes.


Sienna loves to jump and has been doing it ever since she was born. Yesterday she jumped a little bit longer than expected and landed on daddy. Unfortunately daddy was a lot harder to land on than the nice soft bed, so after 10 minutes of crying hard we rushed off to the hospital. I think Sienna’s loud yelling got us through the emergency room a bit faster, so only 2 hours later her little arm was wrapped up in a cast. Upon Sienna’s request daddy drew an “s” on the cast, mommy made a fish and a car, and Sienna made a pretty lion in bright yellow, pink, and blue colors.

Sienna and her broken arm
Sienna and her broken arm

Let’s get started…

As most of you know it has been almost 2 years since new pictures were posted on A lot has happened since then and I figured that the very first post on this blog should include a project that I am working on, which clearly demonstrates the biggest change in our family (i.e. our newest addition, baby Elliot).

I began this time line right about the time were I fell behind on the uploading of pictures to my site. To be more precise the first picture was taken on July 7, 2007. Those of you who know me well will probably wonder if I made Shawn and Sienna get up at 7.07am. in order to get the time right too, and as much as I would have liked to be able to say that the picture was shot at 07.07 on 07.07.07, that’s too far of a stretch – even for me (although I do admit to having some crazy ideas about certain numbers, sequels etc.)

Anyway, the subsequent pictures were shot exactly a year apart on July 7, 2008 and 2009 and it is my intention to keep doing this until the end of time (my time anyhow).


10 years down the road I am sure the changes are going to be dramatic. Right now I am just thankful to realize that I look 5 years younger and less like a drug addict moving from 2007 to 2008/2009. Time also seems to have treated Shawn well. It has to be those 10 pounds of kale he consumes every morning?!?

It should be mentioned that there is no fancy styling involved and that the pictures are not photoshopped or anything like that. This is just what we looked like on a normal day at that time.