Christmas Eve 2011

This year I got to host my first Christmas eve. Most of the Danish family was celebrating Christmas eve with the other side of the family, so it was just us, my parents and my sister. In Denmark it is customary to open the presents on the 24th after you have had dinner and after you have danced around the Christmas tree while singing carols. Although we never had a Christmas tree while growing up (and therefore never danced around it), I remember vividly what a horrible long wait it was before we got to open the presents. When it was finally time, the room always turned into a frantic and chaotic mess where everybody quickly ripped the paper off their presents before turning around to look for the next one. By the time the presents were unwrapped it was pretty much also bedtime, which left no time to play with all the new stuff. As a consequence of these memories, I decided to do things a little bit differently for the kids this year. I took a clock and put a picture of a present at 10.00 AM, at 12.AM at 2 Pm (and so on), and then I hung it so that the kids could follow it and figure out themselves when it was time to open a present. It worked out really well and the kids where so excited and happy throughout the day, and just as importantly, they were kept entertained with their new presents. This meant no stress in preparing for the dinner, no fuss, and no chaos at any time, so everybody got to enjoy the day and the evening to the fullest. Thanks a lot to Mormor, Bedstefar Carlos and Moster for the great company.

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