Christmas Morning

As is tradition the kids opens presents from the Canadian side of the family on the morning of the 25th. Thanks to Kenzy and Logan for Sienna’s Lego Friends and half of Elliot’s Lego City Airport, Tessa for Sienna’s talking bird and Elliot’s other half of the Lego City Airport, Owen and Kyle for Sienna’s Spy kit and Elliot’s Nerf bow and arrow, and Farmor for Sienna’s top model book and stuffed bear and Elliot’s cash register. A special thanks also goes out to Shawn’s friend Gus and his wife Nathalie who had sent the kids each a gift certificate to Itunes.

christmas_day_2014-001-(Side-1) christmas_day_2014-002-(Side-2) christmas_day_2014-003-(Side-3) christmas_day_2014-004-(Side-4)

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