Christmas Time

The 24th started early with some cookie making in the kitchen. Sienna made cute little heart-shaped almond cookies and Elliot was very keen to with help with some quality controls in the process. He ensured that the cookie dough was the right consistency and temperature and later on when Moster came to join in on all the goodies- and treat-makings, he sampled all of the various kinds of sprinkles. Moster hung out for a while and she and Sienna had a lot of fun playing games. In the late afternoon we all went to Vesterbrogade to eat a delicious dinner and unwrap some presents. In Denmark it is customary to open presents in the evening, but we usually keep the presents from Canada for Christmas morning, so we do it both the Danish and the Canadian way. Amongst other things, Sienna got the Nintendo player that she had been wishing for for ages and Elliot got a little cow vehicle (not featured) so he can chase Sienna around on her mouse vehicle. Thank you very much for all the presents from Canada also. They included lots of Dora stuff, great books and lots of cars. We hope everyone out there had as nice and relaxing a holiday as we did.


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