Merry Christmas and thanks for the presents

Christmas eve was spent with my Mom, Dad, and Sister at our house and we decided to do a mix of Danish and Canadian traditions so Shawn baked a turkey with stuffing and I cooked a roast pork which is very traditional Danish Christmas food.  My mom made some candied potatoes and for desert she brought her own homemade ice cream and Shawn baked a pumpkin pie.   On the morning of the 25th, the kids woke up to a traditional north american Christmas surprise upon seeing the tree loaded with presents from Canada.  Thanks to Kenzy and Logan for the Lego truck to Elliot, and the Walkie Talkie and spy camera to Sienna.  Thanks to Tessa for the Pencil case which matches his new schoolbag to Elliot, and for the Furby carrying case to Sienna.  Thanks to Kyle and Owen for the Domino race track set to Elliot and the Lego tree house to Sienna.  Thanks to Farmor for the Transformers Kreo building set, toy tractor, and candy to Elliot and the Barbie jewelry box, socks, and candy to Sienna. Everything was a big hit.

christmas_2013-002-(Side-2) christmas_2013-003-(Side-3) christmas_2013-001-(Side-1)

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