Disney World

In the beginning of February the family took another trip over the Atlantic ocean. While Shawn spent the first couple of days hanging out with some friends, Sienna, Elliot, and I seized the chance to visit Disney World. Other than Animal Kingdom, the park experience was very similar to the times we went to Disney Land in California and Paris. Same attractions, same stunt show, same ridiculously long line-ups, and same over-priced food. It was fun to experience, but at the same time we all agreed that now we have been there, done that with respect to all things Disney. In case you are wondering about the wheelchair, Sienna had a fever and was feeling pretty bad, but insisted on going nevertheless.

DisneyWorld_2016-001-(Side-1) DisneyWorld_2016-002-(Side-2) DisneyWorld_2016-003-(Side-3) DisneyWorld_2016-004-(Side-4)


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