Happy Birthday Sienna

We celebrated Sienna’s 12th birthday in Brussels at a little brunch place called “Oma’s”. Sienna was hesitant to break her life-long tradition of going to Tivoli with mormor on her birthday, so Elliot and I put extra thought and attention into ensuring that she still felt like it was a special day. As it is very clear from the pictures, Elliot hit spot on with the present that he had gotten for her. The food was good too, although they were very cheap with the pastries, so Sienna and I made sure to fill up on an excellent Crème Brûlée. After brunch, we did an interesting interactive tour through a 14th century city gate of Brussels, Halle Gate. We then paid a visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences and before flying out, we made sure to fill up on some extraordinarily good little treats called Merveilleuxs. We will be trying to replicate these at home in the very near future and I will also be trying to get some of the other pictures from our fun trip up on the blog.

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  1. Happy birthday Sienna! It looks like you had a great birthday! Love Owen, Kyle, Uncle Derek and Aunt Crystal!

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