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Happy Birthday Sienna

Today a very excited little brother woke up his big sister with a homemade happy birthday card. Sienna quickly got out of bed and sat down to open all the presents from Canada. As you can tell from Sienna’s expressions, everything was a big hit so thanks a lot to the family in Canada. This year we didn’t make big plans for the Kindergarten, since the girls are all coming to our house for a party on Sunday. So after an almost normal day in Kindergarten, we went with Mormor to Tivoli to have dinner and to try some of Sienna’s favorite rides. Altogether it was a very happy girl who celebrated her 5th birthday.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sienna

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIENNA! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, and got lots of nice things. Owen misses you very much and can’t wait for you to come see him again. We miss you guy’s very much and can’t wait for you to come visit again.

    Love, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Derek and Owen

  2. Happy birthday Sienna, how old are you now, 13yrs. old? i tried to send pictures yesterday but don’t know how to do it on this site, so i sent them to daddy’s computer. pictures of my new puppy. her name is Poppy. Kenzie and Logan are waving at you. love opa.

  3. happy birthday sienna looks like you are having so much fun and you got soo many presents wow 5 years old we will see you soon love farmor

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