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Happy New Year

Like last year, we had a fun and relaxing New Year’s Eve with some friends at their summerhouse in the northern part of Zealand. I didn’t bother taking any pictures, so instead I am wishing everyone a happy New Year with a picture of this really cool guy, whom I am so proud of. What I am not so proud of, is the fact that 2015 was the worst year ever when it comes to updating the blog. I usually never care to look at the statistics, but today I just got an annual report saying that the blog had been visited more than 3600 times in 2015. That’s a lot of visits, which have more or less all been in vain, seeing that I made a total of four posts during the year (which were all promises to catch up soon). In light of this disappointing performance, I decided to pull myself together for real, and so today I managed to post all the pictures from our visit to Canada in February last year (click here and scroll to the bottom) as well as a bunch of pictures from April (click here). I hope I will be able to do better in 2016.


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