Keeping busy

The kids have been kept very busy ever since we arrived – Sienna in particular. The other day she was carving pumpkins at farmor’s house, going for wagon rides with Gump and Kenzie and Logan, and she also found time for a bubble b@th with the twins.

Yesterday she went with farmor and mommy to a farm with all kinds of halloween activities. She started out by having her cheek decorated with a glittery pumpkin and after that she made a really nice scarecrow with farmor. Then all three of us went inside the big corn maze. We ran into several families that couldn’t find there way out. It must have been a little bit of the Viking survival instinct that kicked in, cause Sienna and mommy were the ones to find the way out. After the maze Sienna picked out a couple of pumpkins to take home and carve out.




In the afternoon we went for thanksgiving dinner at great grandma and great grandpa Ramsey’s house. As always, it was very busy and noisy there, but Sienna had lots of fun playing with Gavin and Ethan (Shawn’s cousin Andy and his wife Colleen’s kids). Sienna and Gavin are born only a day (or maybe it is two days?) apart.

great grandma 2great grandma

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