Pictures from the Summerhouse

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to a summerhouse in North Zealand. Although the weather forecast had predicted mostly rain, we only had one day of bad weather. The rest of the time we had fun playing outside or in the indoor pool and the jacuzzi. I had gotten little rafts for the kids and a battery driven squid, which they spent a lot of time chasing around in the pool. Sienna’s doll, Maddie, also jumped in her swim suit and joined in on the fun.  Some of the other highlights were; playing  the games that Sienna got for her birthday (Sienna didn’t want to stop playing the “go ape” game), and a day trip to the bird zoo, which also contained other animals such as goats, lizards, bunnies, hamsters, and moles (we didn’t see any moles, but Elliot dissected all the mole hills). There was also a lot of bug finding and exploring, playing with rocks and water, and building sand castles on the beach. And as usual we had the pleasure of having mormor and BC keeping us company for a couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Pictures from the Summerhouse

  1. sikke mange dejlige oplevelser I har haft og hvor er du bare supergod til at fastholde dem Naomi
    kram mommor

  2. Hey Sienna, Moster says hello and misses you and baby Ellibot. Maybe we can go to the beach or to the pool sometime? Alfie says hi too and sends a ton of sloppy doggie kisses for all of you. He says he misses you too!
    Hugs and lots of love and smooches from Moster!!!

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