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Sienna’s 8th Family Birthday Party

The entire family showed up for Sienna’s 8th birthday party so lots of food was needed. Sienna took complete charge of her own birthday cake, right from selecting a recipe to cooking and decorating it. Mormor did show up a little bit earlier than the rest of the guests to offer her support and Elliot also gave a helpful hand. Sienna got to open Mormor’s and BC’s present first, which was a basket for the brand new bike we had snuck in to her room. Both presents were very well received and she immediately took the new bike for a spin. Sienna got lots of different nail polish from Moster and the Lego Cruise Boat from her cousins/aunts/uncles and as the pictures show these presents were also a big hit.
Sienna_8_years_family_party-001-(Cover-1) Sienna_8_years_family_party-002-(Cover-2) Sienna_8_years_family_party-003-(Cover-3) Sienna_8_years_family_party-004-(Cover-4)

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