Sienna’s Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Sienna’s birthday party for the girls from Kindergarten. After eating some snacks I did some magic tricks and asked them to help a sweet old witch find her key for her treasure chest. A naughty troll had taken it and hid it. They had to solve different tasks, including chasing the troll down to grab some colored feathers he had swiped.  The last clue revealed that the troll had hidden the key inside the belly of an octopus (made from balloons). They popped the belly and recovered the key, and the witch was so grateful that she decided to share her treasure with them. The grumpy troll went back into hiding. Sienna had a lot of fun and thought it was a very good party. She has also been enjoying all the greetings that she has been getting on the blog lately. She has a big smile on her face whenever I read them to her.