April 29th

On the 29th Sienna woke up to daddy’s homemade pancakes and a mountain of presents from Canada. As previously mentioned Sienna was very happy about all the presents and below are a few pictures showing her in action opening the presents with her little helper (I didn’t snap too many, because Shawn videotaped it). Just before lunch on the same day 22 of Sienna’s friends from kindergarten popped by. The apartment was decorated with lots of green streamers, balloon-flowers, butterflies, orangutans, spiders, and big spiderwebs. I had created a treasure hunt with a Dora-theme where Swiper had mixed up a lot of maps, and in the Magical Butterfly Jungle the kids had to use their senses and brains to identify the right map, which would then give them the next clue. They had to recognize animal sounds, count spiders, smell an old fish and give me some facts about animals and the jungle. They solved all the tasks and were able to get the right map and the next clue, which took them outside. Once again they had to solve different tasks and find balloons of various colors to find out where to go next. In the end it turned out that Swiper had hidden the treasure in the Kindergarten. When the kids returned they each got a bag holding some party gifts and a special lunch made of hippo sandwiches, slimy snails, butterfly and caterpillar biscuits, and some vegetables. In the afternoon Sienna, mormor, and yours truly headed to Tivoli to enjoy some rides and a nice dinner. Before it was time for bed, Sienna had a last doze of Dora as daddy read her bedtime books.