Happy Birthday Elliot

On Friday this handsome young man turned 9 years old. It was still very dark outside as we all got out of bed to start the day off with pancakes, ice cream, and sprinkles. After that, it was time to go to school. Elliot brought a homemade alligator pull-apart-cupcake-cake with him, which all the kids really liked. Upon his return from school there were more surprises. In his room, mormor was hiding in a giant box. She brought Lego and a cool/cute homemade moose. Elliot was also ecstatic to learn about the Apple gift certificate which Farmor had sent (thank you Farmor), and Sienna had crafted a personal greeting card with two of Elliot’s favorite foods, soy sauce and salmon. Finally, Elliot also found the time to color in the greeting card from great grandma in Canada (thank you great grandma). After a lovely and sunny afternoon, we headed downtown to meet up with Shawn for a game of petanque and some juicy burgers.

29th of April

When Sienna turned nine, she had the same traditional birthday as she has had pretty much all of her life. Breakfast and presents in the morning, then off to school with a tray of cupcakes (this time in the shape of little owls or birds of some sort). After school it was time to go to Tivoli to celebrate with Mormor. A great day as usual.

sienna_9-001-(Side-1) sienna_9-002-(Side-2) april29_2015


Sienna’s 8th Family Birthday Party

The entire family showed up for Sienna’s 8th birthday party so lots of food was needed. Sienna took complete charge of her own birthday cake, right from selecting a recipe to cooking and decorating it. Mormor did show up a little bit earlier than the rest of the guests to offer her support and Elliot also gave a helpful hand. Sienna got to open Mormor’s and BC’s present first, which was a basket for the brand new bike we had snuck in to her room. Both presents were very well received and she immediately took the new bike for a spin. Sienna got lots of different nail polish from Moster and the Lego Cruise Boat from her cousins/aunts/uncles and as the pictures show these presents were also a big hit.
Sienna_8_years_family_party-001-(Cover-1) Sienna_8_years_family_party-002-(Cover-2) Sienna_8_years_family_party-003-(Cover-3) Sienna_8_years_family_party-004-(Cover-4)

Happy Birthday Kyle

I’m very behind on my pictures and the blog, but I’m planning to catch up soon. In the meantime I am posting this birthday picture from Sienna to Kyle. Kyle’s birthday cake should keep him satisfied for a while seeing that it is around 5 times bigger than him. It’s a layered cake with nice colors and Kyle’s name on the bottom of it. In addition there is a bunch of cool balloons, some giant flowers, and a big present. The real present is in the mail and should be arriving shortly. We hope you have a great day Kyle and look forward to spending more time with you and see how big you’we grown next time we come to Canada. Lots of big birthday hugs from all of your family in Denmark.


Pictures from yesterday

Here are some pictures of yesterday’s birthday boy. He was very excited about the entire day and started out by asking about the skeleton balloon he had been wishing for ever since he didn’t get one for Halloween. While Shawn was cooking breakfast, Elliot and Sienna were playing with his new toys. He got a lot of new hexbugs and tracks and modules for his bug collection and Sienna got him a moon car, which he is also very happy about. After Elliot and I dropped Sienna off at Mormor’s, we went for a long swim at the pool, and after that we went for lunch at Elliot’s favorite restaurant (Mc. D). Finally we went to Tivoli, and since Elliot had just turned 3 he was old enough to take the veteran car for a drive all by himself.

Happy Birthday Sienna

Today a very excited little brother woke up his big sister with a homemade happy birthday card. Sienna quickly got out of bed and sat down to open all the presents from Canada. As you can tell from Sienna’s expressions, everything was a big hit so thanks a lot to the family in Canada. This year we didn’t make big plans for the Kindergarten, since the girls are all coming to our house for a party on Sunday. So after an almost normal day in Kindergarten, we went with Mormor to Tivoli to have dinner and to try some of Sienna’s favorite rides. Altogether it was a very happy girl who celebrated her 5th birthday.

Happy Birthday Farmor

Sienna prepared these deliciously looking cupcakes for Farmor’s birthday and while I was taking the picture of her and the greeting, Elliot pulled out the cymbols and conducted his very own interpretation of “Happy Birthday To You”. Too bad you weren’t here to hear miniature Beethoven, farmor, but we hope you are having a very nice birthday. Love from Elliot and Sienna.