Port Burwell Provincial Park

Our first attempt at family tent camping was in Port Burwell with Angela, Pete, Kenzy, and Logan. Our first night Farmor and Penguin (aunt Suzy) came to visit and hang out by the campfire while Crystal, Derek, Kyle and Owen came to visit on another night. Although the weather was a bit on the cool side, the kids still braved the water and got in a nice day at the beach. We also tried to catch fish along the rocks next to the pier, but the water was too murky and the fish were not biting. To make up for the missing fish the kids toasted a lot of marshmallows and we took turns at telling spooky stories by the campfire. All in all a very successful time where everybody had fun. We are already looking forward to next year!


I really thought that when I married a Canadian, I was bound for some serious camping trips in the wild. Unfortunately Shawn got all camped out during his childhood years, so today he believes that camping is only something that mothers do with their daughters. Since we had really great weather during the weekend, I decided to test this hypothesis and take my otherwise cool city chick on an impulsive camping trip. We had a decent tent (from that one time where I twisted Shawn’s arm and made him take me camping in Montreal), but otherwise the rest of our gear was not really designed for camping. There was another family at the camp site and we were surely deemed crazy city slickers in their eyes, but nevertheless we got all of our gear out and got ourselves situated. Sienna loved the experience and could not fall asleep due to all the excitement, so this is definitely something we will be doing again. However, next time we will be sure to bring mosquito repellent.