We hung out for a bit in Knudhule, relaxing and playing board games. After that we headed towards Himmelbjerget, which translates directly into “Sky Mountain”. To a big part of the population this is known as Denmark’s highest point, but there is in fact a couple of other places that are a bit higher. While more of a hill than a mountain, it’s still a good hike up to the top and commands some nice views.

Knurrenborg Vang

On a sunny but cold day in February we decided to do some local orienteering. We always do a little picnic when we head out into nature and this trip was no exception. However, we neglected to bring the tea leaves, so it was a very simple version with cake and hot water for drinks. In the place where we sat down to drink our hot water, there was a outdoor playground/obstacle course, which the kids had fun with.

Sienna Horseback Riding

Last Sunday Sienna’s aunt Solise (A.K.A. Louise) had invited Sienna to go horseback riding. We all traveled on a small ferry to a tiny Island called Omø where some of Solise’s friends have a farm with horses. Solise and uncle David and Gabriel brought delicious sandwiches, so we all sat down for a nice picnic before Sienna ventured off on a big horse. The horse was nice and calm, but started off by shuttering to get rid of some flies. This was a little bit intimidating for Sienna, but fortunately uncle David was walking right next to her ready to catch her if anything went wrong. She passed her first riding experience with flying colors and mommy and daddy and baby Elliot were all very proud of her. Thanks to Solise, Uncle David and Gabriel for a very nice day.

On the little ferry
On the little ferry to Omø

Enjoying a nice picnic and getting ready to go horseback riding
Picnic time (from left: David, Simone (Louise's sister), Louise, Sienna and Shawn. Gabriel and Elliot are in their baby carriages in the back. Naomi is behind the camera)

Finding seashells and grasshoppers
Finding seashells and grasshoppers

Sienna horseback riding
Sienna horseback riding


Here are some snapshots from our trip to a very nice summerhouse on the Vest coast of Zealand, Denmark. We were there the last week of June (2009) and the weather was unbelievable (for Danish standards, anyhow). Bedstefar Carlos (grandpa Carl) and mormor (grandma Elisabeth) stayed with us for 3 very nice and relaxing days. Jacob and Maibritt stopped by one day for dinner and so did David, Louise and Gabriel.  summerhouse1summerhouse2summerhouse3summerhouse4summerhouse5summerhouse6summerhouse7