Elliot 6 Years

November was dark and cold with very few Kodak moments. The only pictures I snapped were around the two days when Elliot celebrated his 6th birthday. Here he is on the morning of the 17th opening the presents from Canada (he got a new bike from us earlier in the year).  From cousin Tessa he got a colourful bird which sings and repeats what you say and from Kenzy and Logan he got a bow and arrow which he had whished for. From Kyle and Owen and Farmor he got Lego. He was very happy about everything and expressed a lot of gratitude, so thanks to the family in Canada.


Elliot’s Minecraft Birthday Party

As Elliot is still a very big fan of Minecraft this was the theme for his 6th birthday where we invited my family over for the festivities.  All the treats were given names and labels from the Minecraft game. We had dirt grass, potions of invisibility, sticks, carrots, slime balls, diamonds, gold, cookies, TNT, chests with goodies, and a cake out of blocks with a ready to be eaten Steve which I molded out of sugar paste.

minecraft_party-001-(Side-1) minecraft_party-002-(Side-2)