Fall break with Farmor

October was once again filled with lots of fun and laughter as Farmor came for her yearly visit to Denmark. Pumpkin carving, shrunken apple heads, cookie decorating, and lots of board games were on the menu. In addition we also did some outings; a nice brunch, a fun game of shuffleboard followed by tasty burgers, a trip to the aquarium, the apple orchid, the beach, and of course, the traditional trip to Tivoli. The kids are already counting the days until Farmor returns next year.


While camping we also did some visiting with Farmor in Copenhagen (i.e. the very little village in Ontario, Canada, not the capital city of Denmark). Farmor puts the kids to work painting concrete and they let their creativity loose making some unique paint jobs like Elliot turning an owl into a penguin, and Sienna painting a rainbow serpent (not featured). When they got tired of painting the cousins hung around inside, playing games and relaxing by the TV.

Fall break with Farmor

The kids have undoubtedly had the best fall break ever with Farmor visiting from Canada for the entire week. They have been busy playing lots of games, carving pumpkins and shrunken apple heads, going for little expeditions in the neighborhood, and giggling non-stop. The weather hasn’t been great so it was a bit cold and rainy when we did our traditional trip to Tivoli. Before that we visited the national museum where the kids had to hunt for certain items. The skeleton they are looking at on the picture below is from the Stone Age and was found right next to where we live in Vedbæk. This year we also brought Farmor along for our annual trip to the apple orchard. It was very beautiful with all the fall colours and we got some very big and delicious apples, some of which we ate, and some of which we turned into scary shrunken heads for Halloween.
farmor_2016-002-side-2 farmor_2016-003-side-3 farmor_2016-001-side-1farmor_2016-004-side-4

Overseas visit from Farmor

Shawn’s Mom came over for a 2 week visit during September.  After a couple days getting over jet lag Farmor started learning the daily routines of taking the kids to school and picking them up.  The kids got to spend lots of time with her doing all kinds of their favorite activities, playing games, doing crafts, and going to the beach and finding rocks.

farmor_2013-001-(Side-1) farmor_2013-002-(Side-2)

Happy Birthday Farmor

Sienna prepared these deliciously looking cupcakes for Farmor’s birthday and while I was taking the picture of her and the greeting, Elliot pulled out the cymbols and conducted his very own interpretation of “Happy Birthday To You”. Too bad you weren’t here to hear miniature Beethoven, farmor, but we hope you are having a very nice birthday. Love from Elliot and Sienna.

April 10th

It’s been 8½ years since my grandmother passed away and not a day goes by where I don’t think about her. She would have turned 90 years old on April 10th. Every year on her birthday I bring one of the kids to her grave to tell them about her and honor her memory.  She was the most loving, caring, and selfless person that I have ever known.

Happy Birthday Farmor

To those of you who are just joining the blog, "farmor" is the Danish word for grandma (the father's mother) and Joanne prefers that title over grandma. If Elliot is looking slightly puzzled, it's because Shawn is waving Mac (the dog) in front of the camera to get his attention.

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to farmor in Canada from everybody in Copenhagen. We hope you have a very nice day.

Hanging out with Farmor and Gump

Farmor lives together with Gump (Darryl) a little bit down the road from Uncle Derek and Aunt Crystal. There is always lots to do at their house. The pigs need to be feeded, vegetables need to be picked, wagon rides need to be taken, driveways need to be decorated, and birds need to be nurtured (the little bird flew into a window and Sienna held it in her warm soft hand until it was feeling better and was ready to take off again).



Keeping busy

The kids have been kept very busy ever since we arrived – Sienna in particular. The other day she was carving pumpkins at farmor’s house, going for wagon rides with Gump and Kenzie and Logan, and she also found time for a bubble b@th with the twins.

Yesterday she went with farmor and mommy to a farm with all kinds of halloween activities. She started out by having her cheek decorated with a glittery pumpkin and after that she made a really nice scarecrow with farmor. Then all three of us went inside the big corn maze. We ran into several families that couldn’t find there way out. It must have been a little bit of the Viking survival instinct that kicked in, cause Sienna and mommy were the ones to find the way out. After the maze Sienna picked out a couple of pumpkins to take home and carve out.




In the afternoon we went for thanksgiving dinner at great grandma and great grandpa Ramsey’s house. As always, it was very busy and noisy there, but Sienna had lots of fun playing with Gavin and Ethan (Shawn’s cousin Andy and his wife Colleen’s kids). Sienna and Gavin are born only a day (or maybe it is two days?) apart.

great grandma 2great grandma