Happy Halloween

This year we got into the Halloween spirit by cutting some jack-o’-lanterns and making a bunch of creepy treats. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to make Sienna’s costume but I think she turned out to be a pretty good and scary mummy.  Elliot could only be one thing and that was Minecraft Steve. He just wanted to wear the head so I printed the graphics from the internet and put them on a cardboard box with a bicycle helmet inside for support.  Sienna went trick or treating with a group of her friends and Elliot with a group of his.

Halloween-2014-002-(Side-2) Halloween-2014-003-(Side-3) Halloween-2014-004-(Side-4)

Halloween in Tivoli

Tivoli is my favorite place in Denmark to visit for Halloween as there is a lot of effort put into decorating the park. This year the kids were surprised by Moster who just happened to turn up as we where about to enter. Both Elliot and Sienna very much enjoyed having Moster accompany them on the rides and Moster seemed to enjoy the rides as much as the kids did.

halloween-tivoli-and-cookies-2013-003-(Side-3) halloween-tivoli-and-cookies-2013-002-(Side-2)

Happy Halloween

We were scheduled to fly out of Canada on Halloween but the airline decided to change our departure by a day, which gave the kids the opportunity to go trick or treating for the first time ever. Sienna loves dressing up, but Elliot is not really buying into it. At the store I was suggesting all kinds of different outfits and he didn’t want any of them, only a balloon with a skeleton. So I had to go against his wishes and get him a costume anyhow. I managed to trick him into it and once he realized that free and unlimited candy was on the line, he totally embraced the concept. Inserted below is also this year’s pumpkin carvings. Shawn did the skull on Elliot’s request, and I did the Jack O’ Lantern, the bats and the witch.


Halloween is a fairly new concept in Denmark, so the resources that are available and that people are willing to dedicate towards this holiday are limited. But seeing that the majority of this household is Canadian/Half-Canadian and that this is a big happening in Canada, we naturally ensure that there is some kind of celebration going on. Every year we go to Tivoli to admire the beautiful decorations and the tons of pumpkins and scarecrows. We also have fun carving pumpkins at home. This year Sienna needed only a little guidance from her dad and Elliot to create the cool Jack o’Lantern you can see in the pictures below. Elliot loved the glowing pumpkins and he made sure that they were lid the minute he got up in the morning and the minute it got dark in the afternoon. For the first time we also decorated the house. It was moderate, but it was scary. Giant spiders with red blinking eyes and their little baby spiders spun spider webs in the entire corner of the living room. Sneaky the black cat was trying to catch a spider that was stuck inside of a pumpkin, and there was also a haunted house which unfortunately collapsed after a few days. As the icing on the cake we had hired the cutest little witch in town to sit around and look her scariest, and a little blond boy to do some scary tricks. Happy belated Halloween from Copenhagen!

Keeping busy

The kids have been kept very busy ever since we arrived – Sienna in particular. The other day she was carving pumpkins at farmor’s house, going for wagon rides with Gump and Kenzie and Logan, and she also found time for a bubble b@th with the twins.

Yesterday she went with farmor and mommy to a farm with all kinds of halloween activities. She started out by having her cheek decorated with a glittery pumpkin and after that she made a really nice scarecrow with farmor. Then all three of us went inside the big corn maze. We ran into several families that couldn’t find there way out. It must have been a little bit of the Viking survival instinct that kicked in, cause Sienna and mommy were the ones to find the way out. After the maze Sienna picked out a couple of pumpkins to take home and carve out.




In the afternoon we went for thanksgiving dinner at great grandma and great grandpa Ramsey’s house. As always, it was very busy and noisy there, but Sienna had lots of fun playing with Gavin and Ethan (Shawn’s cousin Andy and his wife Colleen’s kids). Sienna and Gavin are born only a day (or maybe it is two days?) apart.

great grandma 2great grandma