Exploring the Northern part of Jutland

We took a week in July to the northwest coast of Jutland were we had rented a summerhouse close to the beach. We were enlightened by a visit for from Mormor and Bedstefar Carlos for some of the days we were there and they were very happy to have the opportunity to join us in our exploration of the region. One of the unique features of the area is the ever shifting sand dunes which move a few meters a year.  Because of this phenomenon buildings in the path of the moving sand eventually get buried. One example of this is the medieval church you can see below.  The church was built in the 15th century but during the last half of the 18th century it was partially buried by sand from the nearby dunes. The congregation had to dig out the entrance each time a service was to be held. The struggle to keep the church free of sand lasted until 1795, when it was abandoned and today only the steeple isn’t covered by sand. In the pictures below we have also climbed a huge sand dune to get a view of Rubjerg Knude lighthouse – or what’s left of it. This structure was also fighting against the sand dunes for many years until eventually the preservation work clearing away the sand dune was ceased.  In Skagen, which is the northernmost point of Denmark, we also got to experience a rare phenomenon. This is where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet but the two opposing tides cannot merge as they have different densities and temperatures. You can easily see the waves crash into each other and when they meet they cause turbulences that make it a dangerous area to cross by boat. Finally, we also did a trip to Hirtshals lighthouse were we visited a bunker museum and got a guided tour of the bunkers.


Happy Birthday Mormor

This birthday greeting for mormor was chosen because it has flowers on it, and Sienna knows that mormor likes flowers a lot. In fact mormor is very good at making flower decorations, so Sienna has already booked a time slot for making Christmas decorations later this year. We hope you had a great day, mormor. Hugs from all of us at Kaj Munks Vej.

Happy Birthday, Mormor!

09.09.09… today must be the coolest day of the entire year to have your birthday and in Copenhagen we are shouting a loud “hip hip hurray” for mormor. Elliot thought she might like to kick her birthday off with a nice little swim and some serious splashing. Sienna was ready with the obligatory birthday balloons and all the nice presents she and Elliot had prepared the day before. Well, I guess it was mostly Sienna that was preparing the gifts. Elliot was unhappy about not getting to eat the beads, but he had a great time pulling the lids off the crayons and he also managed to make a few blue strokes on a piece of paper. Sienna made a heart and a nice panda bear with purple pants and a green sweater from the beads. In addition she coloured the most beautiful Swiper of the century (with a rainbow coloured nose).

As mormor and Sienna ventured off for a small birthday party in Sorø (with David, Solise and Gabriel), Elliot decided to throw his own party on the kitchen floor. Wieners and raisins were on the menu.

elliot swimming 1
Elliot invited mormor for a nice little morning swim on her birthday

elliot swimming 2

Sienna had birthday balloons and presents ready for mormor. Elliot decided to throw his own little party on the kitchen floor, since he wasn't invited along to Gabriel's house
Sienna had birthday balloons and presents ready for mormor. Elliot decided to throw his own little party on the kitchen floor, since he wasn't invited along to Gabriel's house

preparing presents
Sienna and Elliot are busy preparing birthday presents for mormor.


Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Tivoli. Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world  (the oldest one is a little bit outside of Copenhagen) and it has an amazing atmosphere. It is packed with beautiful flowers and in the night it is lit up with colorful lamps all over the place. I just love going there and since it is within walking distance from our home, we go there quite often. This particular time we were also bringing Bedstefar Carlos (BC) and mormor. For months Sienna had been talking about how she would like to go on a balloon ride (a tiny and very old ferris wheel) and she wanted to bring BC and mormor. BC was slightly frightened by the ordeal so Sienna held on to him real tight during the entire ride (and fortunately he made it through alive).