Spring time

Every year I try to make sure that we make it to the forest in time to see all the anemones and green leaves come out. We had a nice little picnic in the sun and afterwards we went through the bog, which recently had a walkway built over it. We liked this new addition to the area as it gave us a better chance to explore and see new things (in the one picture that doesn’t really look like anything you can see parts of a black adder if you look really close and use your imagination). Elliot didn’t believe you could sink down into the bog but when he had the chance to get a closer look upside down, he decided he did not want to try and find out!

Dinner Picnic

On a nice summer day without too many mosquitos present we headed out in the forest to our favourite picnic place and roasted hotdogs over a fire for dinner.  The kids helped gather firewood in the forest and then had fun swinging and exploring while Shawn made the fire and cooked dinner.  Roasted gigantic marshmallows for desert, what could be better!

dinner_picnic_2014-001-(Cover-1) dinner_picnic_2014-002-(Cover-2)

A very nice summer day

In Denmark we are not used to long and warm summers but thankfully 2013 has been the exception to the rule. On this particular day we started out playing some street hockey. Then the kids took their cars for a spin down the road and then we packed our picnic basket and headed out to our favorite picnic place in the forest. Here we had a bite to eat, swung ourselves from the trees, relaxed in the shade with all the mosquitoes, and did our habitual exploration of the forest floor. This time Shawn sampled some white secretion from the ants which he believed was sugar. I believed it was feces. In any case, we are still undecided.

July_outside_2013-001-(Side-1) July_outside_2013-002-(Side-2) July_outside_2013-003-(Side-3) July_outside_2013-004-(Side-4)

More picnics

On a nice and sunny day in the beginning of June the kids wanted to go back to the ant forest situated not too far from the summerhouse we stayed at while we waited for our house to be completed (still waiting by the way). The ants were very aggressive that day so we quickly moved on and took some time to study a mommy and a baby toad before we continued to some old ruins from the Middle Ages where we sat down to enjoy one of our customary picnics.


Trying out new picnic destinations

When I suggested to the kids that we try out a new picnic destination they were not exactly enthusiastic about it. They were complaining a lot until we finally arrived. This place turned out to be full of surprises, though, and very different from our normal picnic destination, so the kids ended up having some very unique experiences. We saw a gigantic dragonfly munching away on some other bug, a dear which ran right by us, a spider trying to escape Shawn’s probing stick with its big egg sack, a green caterpillar, a dozen little ducklings swimming in the lake, and hundreds – if not thousands – of little tadpoles.



An early spring picnic

The whole family loves picnics so we try to do a lot of them. Here we are at our favorite picnic destination on the very first day of April. This place is close by where we live and there are ropes hanging from the trees, lots of logs to turn over, and an abundance of creepy crawlers to study. Although it was nice and sunny it was still pretty cold, which the snow in some of the pictures bear evidence of.

Picnic_April_2013-001-(Side-1) Picnic_April_2013-002-(Side-2)