Happy Birthday Daddy

For their daddy’s birthday Sienna and Elliot got him a little orphaned baby orangutan named Miko, and although Curious George seems to really dig the big city, we decided we didn’t want to chance it with Baby Miko. Therefore he gets to hang out with his little orangutan buddies in the rain forest in Borneo, and we will just send him money to pay for bananas and insects. Additionally, Sienna drew a nice picture of Miko in the rain forest and we decorated some chocolate muffins with orangutan hair. Finally daddy was showered with kisses and hugs from both the kids, and it goes without saying that he loved everything.

Happy Birthday, Daddy/Shawn

October 28th is Shawn’s birthday and this year he was turning 35. Sienna and Elliot had arranged for a big bouquet of birthday balloons for their daddy and I picked up cupcakes from the cutest little store down the road. We spent all afternoon and the evening at our friends’ house – Steve and Daisy, and their son, Bryant. Jen and Seb, and Adam and Ethan also joined us and everybody had a really good time. Thanks again to Daisy and Steve for a spectacular dinner and a big load of delicious snacks and thanks to everybody for all the nice gifts for Shawn and the kids.

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November 7, 2002

On November 7, 2002 I realized who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wrote it in an email to a dear friend… “I still think he has a funny shuffly walk and that he dresses like a nerd, but I don’t care anymore”… 645 days later we got married and tomorrow we have our 5 year anniversary. I love him more than ever and I just have to look at our kids to be reminded that we are a match made in heaven. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to produce two such perfect children.

We are taking the kids on a little trip to Oslo, Norway to celebrate. Firstly, we are going to the Museum of National History to look at some dinosaurs (like Curious George) and then we are having lunch in a nice park called Vigelandsparken. When I was living in Norway (in 1996) I used to go to this park all the time. It would be minus 25 degrees Celsius and everything was covered in snow. I would sit there for hours listening to Toni Braxton and fantasizing about how my life would be when I hooked up with the man of my dreams. Hence it is a very appropriate place to be celebrating our anniversary.

Hooking up in Montreal (Fall 2002)
Hooking up in Montreal (Fall 2002)
Shawn had to go to Toronto to pick up his hockey gear and invited me along.
Shawn had to go to Toronto to pick up his hockey gear and invited me along.
Montreal 2002
Being country-bred Shawn is a true animal lover and connoisseur. He wisely called that the dog in the picture was behaving a little bit out of control because it was a puppy. It was 7 years old. I also think he would have been more comfortable on the little horse (by the car) rather than the big one he ended up on.

Let’s get started…

As most of you know it has been almost 2 years since new pictures were posted on www.naomiramsey.com. A lot has happened since then and I figured that the very first post on this blog should include a project that I am working on, which clearly demonstrates the biggest change in our family (i.e. our newest addition, baby Elliot).

I began this time line right about the time were I fell behind on the uploading of pictures to my site. To be more precise the first picture was taken on July 7, 2007. Those of you who know me well will probably wonder if I made Shawn and Sienna get up at 7.07am. in order to get the time right too, and as much as I would have liked to be able to say that the picture was shot at 07.07 on 07.07.07, that’s too far of a stretch – even for me (although I do admit to having some crazy ideas about certain numbers, sequels etc.)

Anyway, the subsequent pictures were shot exactly a year apart on July 7, 2008 and 2009 and it is my intention to keep doing this until the end of time (my time anyhow).


10 years down the road I am sure the changes are going to be dramatic. Right now I am just thankful to realize that I look 5 years younger and less like a drug addict moving from 2007 to 2008/2009. Time also seems to have treated Shawn well. It has to be those 10 pounds of kale he consumes every morning?!?

It should be mentioned that there is no fancy styling involved and that the pictures are not photoshopped or anything like that. This is just what we looked like on a normal day at that time.