Happy Birthday Tessa

Happy Birthday to Cousin Tessa who is turning two today. Sienna painted a nice rainbow, a mountain, a birthday cake, and some balloons for you, and Uncle Shawn ordered your present the usual one day in advance, so it’s underways. We hope you are having a nice day. Lots of hugs from all the family in Copenhagen.

Happy Birthday Cousin Tessa

Today is cousin Tessa’s 1st birthday and a big HIP HIP HURRA goes out from here. A birthday present is also underway and should arrive in the very near future. As you can see, Sienna put a lot of effort into decorating Tessa’s birthday greeting as accurately as possible so it turned out to be quite the masterpiece. We hope you like Curious George as much as we do, Tessa, and we hope you have your best birthday ever 🙂

Visiting Baby Tessa

On Wednesday we drove 2½ hours to get to Windsor where cousin Tessa, aunt Karen and Art lives. Tessa is the cutest and happiest little baby and she got lots of kisses, snuggles, and hugs from her cousin Sienna (she got a few smacks and scratches from cousin Elliot). Tessa lives in a nice and spacious house, but most of the walls are painted in dark colours that suck up all the light – not great for picture taking (when one refuses to put on the flash). Tessa’s room is nicely decorated in lavender colours, though, so we managed to get a few good shots in there.

Sienna and Elliot enjoyed themselves in the new surroundings and Tessa was her smiley old self all the way. Sienna particularly liked that she got to stay up real late to play games with aunt Karen.