Fall break with Farmor

The kids have undoubtedly had the best fall break ever with Farmor visiting from Canada for the entire week. They have been busy playing lots of games, carving pumpkins and shrunken apple heads, going for little expeditions in the neighborhood, and giggling non-stop. The weather hasn’t been great so it was a bit cold and rainy when we did our traditional trip to Tivoli. Before that we visited the national museum where the kids had to hunt for certain items. The skeleton they are looking at on the picture below is from the Stone Age and was found right next to where we live in Vedbæk. This year we also brought Farmor along for our annual trip to the apple orchard. It was very beautiful with all the fall colours and we got some very big and delicious apples, some of which we ate, and some of which we turned into scary shrunken heads for Halloween.
farmor_2016-002-side-2 farmor_2016-003-side-3 farmor_2016-001-side-1farmor_2016-004-side-4


On a really nice summer day we headed to Tivoli to enjoy the weather and some fun rides.  Elliot is getting more adventurous with his rides and for the first time joined Sienna on one of her of favourites which is one that goes up and drops quickly.  Dad also joined and was a bit scared so brave Elliot helped him handle the pressure.


Halloween in Tivoli

Tivoli is my favorite place in Denmark to visit for Halloween as there is a lot of effort put into decorating the park. This year the kids were surprised by Moster who just happened to turn up as we where about to enter. Both Elliot and Sienna very much enjoyed having Moster accompany them on the rides and Moster seemed to enjoy the rides as much as the kids did.

halloween-tivoli-and-cookies-2013-003-(Side-3) halloween-tivoli-and-cookies-2013-002-(Side-2)

Picnic at Tivoli

The forecast called for a really nice sunny day and since summer was drawing to a close we took the opportunity to get another picnic in – this time at Tivoli.  Sienna tried the big roller coaster for the first time and while she was a bit uneasy before the ride, she announced that it was her new favorite ride as she came out on the other side.

at_tivoli_august_2013-002-(Side-2) at_tivoli_august_2013-001-(Side-1)

The traditional birthday trip to Tivoli

After jumping on the trampoline for a while it was time to take off for our annual birthday trip to Tivoli. As tradition goes, we met up with Mormor who had gotten Sienna a very fancy weekend bag, a matching Nintendo case, and a few other things that were also very well received. Sienna was very content with a new ride which had been introduced since last season. It was a reasonably high tower which would drop you.  She tried it 4 times and in between we treated ourselves to some lunch and some chocolate covered goodies.



1st Sunday of Advent

Last year we decided that it should be a tradition to sit down and eat æbleskiver and drink hot chocolate with cream on the first Sunday of Advent, but that was before we knew that Elliot is allergic to pretty much every single ingredient in that combo. As we all strive not to eat food that Elliot is allergic to in his presence we had to somewhat modify the tradition and take it  elsewhere. Hence Sienna invited Mormor to meet up with her and yours truly in Tivoli instead. It is rare that we have snow before Christmas, but winter came early this year and it was a very special experience to walk around with everything covered in snow. Sienna took Mormor on one of her favorite rides – the flying suitcases. You basically sit in a big trunk and then you are hauled through a fantasy world where all the most famous characters from H.C. Andersen’s fairytales are reproduced. We also saw a Christmas show and after that we sat down for æbleskiver/pan cakes/waffles and our hot chocolate with lots of cream. I can’t wait to carry this tradition on next year.

Rasmus Klump

There are a lot of famous bears out there and in Denmark we have our own popular cub, Rasmus Klump. He is actually known throughout most of Europe and until not so long ago I used to have my office right next to the guy who’s been depicting the character for a number of years. In Tivoli they recently opened a Rasmus Klump universe with a playground which is very popular with the kids.


Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Tivoli. Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world  (the oldest one is a little bit outside of Copenhagen) and it has an amazing atmosphere. It is packed with beautiful flowers and in the night it is lit up with colorful lamps all over the place. I just love going there and since it is within walking distance from our home, we go there quite often. This particular time we were also bringing Bedstefar Carlos (BC) and mormor. For months Sienna had been talking about how she would like to go on a balloon ride (a tiny and very old ferris wheel) and she wanted to bring BC and mormor. BC was slightly frightened by the ordeal so Sienna held on to him real tight during the entire ride (and fortunately he made it through alive).