Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a bit special due to the fact that it is under constant threat of erosion from the sea. It had recently been moved some hundred meters or so inland to preserve it. Great views from the top of the area, and lots of sand for Elliot to go rolling around in. And here is a blog post from seven years ago, where we visited the lighthouse before it got moved.

Store Dyrehave – a Unesco World Heritage Site

This is one of the biggest forests around and one of our favourites. It has some very varied and beautiful scenery, as well as challenging mountain bike tracks and a lot of orienteering posts. The forest also has a lot of history as it was established by the Danish king Christian the 4th 400 years ago. The forest was used for hunting and horse breeding, and there is a star-shaped road system which was used for par force hunting. In the center of the star, you can still see some “road sign stones” that were put up 400 years ago.  The place is so unique that is has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This and that – May

Homemade birthday cupcakes for Sienna’s class, a dangerously leaning tree in the process of coming down with my brother Jacobs help, Elliot working hard on homework and on power washing the driveway, Elliot sporting his own design (a custom made ‘Stop Dabbing Be Happy’ sweatshirt) and also a picture where he is all dressed up for a party at school, and kids/cousins/uncles relaxing and playing various games..

Spring time

Every year I try to make sure that we make it to the forest in time to see all the anemones and green leaves come out. We had a nice little picnic in the sun and afterwards we went through the bog, which recently had a walkway built over it. We liked this new addition to the area as it gave us a better chance to explore and see new things (in the one picture that doesn’t really look like anything you can see parts of a black adder if you look really close and use your imagination). Elliot didn’t believe you could sink down into the bog but when he had the chance to get a closer look upside down, he decided he did not want to try and find out!


We had a nice sunny spring day available so we headed out to our favourite museum of modern art, Louisiana, to take in the current exhibit. Picasso was on display and we all practiced doing some Picasso inspired animal drawings and sculptures. Afterwards we had a delicious lunch at the café and enjoyed the gorgeous day in the museum garden.