Cookie time

Our traditional annual Christmas cookie decoration session with Moster (my sister) was held with a slight delay on the 25th of December, so instead of making piles of Christmas cookies we decided to add a few more species to our Noah’s ark collection of animals. There is a pretty good chance that Noah didn’t bring any sharks with him on the ark, but I thought it deserved a place in the gallery nevertheless. Before we pulled out the icing bags, the kids and my sister exchanged gifts and as always everyone was happy and having a great time.

Winter_cookies_2014-001-(Side-1) Winter_cookies_2014-002-(Side-2) Winter_cookies_2014-003-(Side-3) Winter_cookies_2014-004-(Side-4) Winter_cookies_2014-005-(Side-5)OllieNew_Year

Easter Cookies

Sienna’s birthday fell right after Easter this year so she decided for an Easter-themed party thus towards the end of March, we figured it would be a good idea to have Moster come by and help us decorate some Easter cookies. She brought along Sara, and Elliot invited Julia – the kid next door – in as well.  As always, the results speak for themselves, although Elliot wasn’t quite as much in to it as he normally is. I also had to decorate many more cookies than everybody else to ensure that there would be enough for all the future party guests. If you are wondering why there are two Easter giraffes they are part of a secret project which will be revealed later in time.

Easter_cookies_2014-001-(Side-1) Easter_cookies_2014-002-(Side-2)

Christmas Cookie Decorating

It was a dark and wet day when my sister (Moster) joined us for our annual Christmas cookie decoration event. This time the frosting had turned out  a lot better and we each had only a few cookies to decorate so that we could better concentrate on all the little details. And as you can tell by the pictures concentration levels are extremely high. I am particularly crazy about all the little porcupines but overall everyone did a tremendous job.




Easter Cookies

We had so much fun decorating Christmas cookies with Moster in December that we decided to get together for another round and what better occasion than Easter? Sienna and Moster’s cookies are featured in the top half and Elliot’s and mine are in the bottom. We were slightly handicapped by the fact that I didn’t make enough icing, but nevertheless we got some good results, if I say so myself. And I have to say that I’m impressed with the kids’ progress. Sienna copied the technique Moster used for one of her bunnies and she also copied my carrot and it’s difficult to tell the cookies apart.

Easter_Cookies_2013 Easter_Cookies-002-(Side-2) Easter_Cookies-001-(Side-1)