Happy Birthday Elliot

On Friday this handsome young man turned 9 years old. It was still very dark outside as we all got out of bed to start the day off with pancakes, ice cream, and sprinkles. After that, it was time to go to school. Elliot brought a homemade alligator pull-apart-cupcake-cake with him, which all the kids really liked. Upon his return from school there were more surprises. In his room, mormor was hiding in a giant box. She brought Lego and a cool/cute homemade moose. Elliot was also ecstatic to learn about the Apple gift certificate which Farmor had sent (thank you Farmor), and Sienna had crafted a personal greeting card with two of Elliot’s favorite foods, soy sauce and salmon. Finally, Elliot also found the time to color in the greeting card from great grandma in Canada (thank you great grandma). After a lovely and sunny afternoon, we headed downtown to meet up with Shawn for a game of petanque and some juicy burgers.

17th of November

On the morning of November the 17th we all got up early to celebrate that Elliot was turning 7 years old. He had a breakfast of his requested favourite (white toast) and he got to open presents which more or less all featured a Minecraft/LEGO theme. As he didn’t want a big party, but had specifically requested to do something low key with the immediate family, we went out to a restaurant and celebrated there.  At the restaurant he got to open a few more presents while we waited for the food to be served. He was very pleased with how the day turned out.

Elliot_27_november_2015-001-(Side-1) Elliot_27_november_2015-002-(Side-2)

Motor Mayhem

While we are waiting for me to catch up I just have to post this picture of a very excited little boy who, admittedly, doesn’t look so excited because he is sleeping. But two hours earlier he was at the stadium getting ready to watch the Motor Mayhem show only to learn that it would be postponed due to rain. He remained the happy camper of the day and his dad got him a cap (at a bargain price of only $60). Elliot decided that he had to sleep with the cap so that he wouldn’t forget to bring it to the show tomorrow.


I should also mention that although I am still terribly behind I have actually posted a bunch of stuff that was missing from last year. For instance, pictures from our trip to Ireland as well as some pictures from Christmas and Christmas morning.

Elliot 6 Years

November was dark and cold with very few Kodak moments. The only pictures I snapped were around the two days when Elliot celebrated his 6th birthday. Here he is on the morning of the 17th opening the presents from Canada (he got a new bike from us earlier in the year).  From cousin Tessa he got a colourful bird which sings and repeats what you say and from Kenzy and Logan he got a bow and arrow which he had whished for. From Kyle and Owen and Farmor he got Lego. He was very happy about everything and expressed a lot of gratitude, so thanks to the family in Canada.


Elliot’s Minecraft Birthday Party

As Elliot is still a very big fan of Minecraft this was the theme for his 6th birthday where we invited my family over for the festivities.  All the treats were given names and labels from the Minecraft game. We had dirt grass, potions of invisibility, sticks, carrots, slime balls, diamonds, gold, cookies, TNT, chests with goodies, and a cake out of blocks with a ready to be eaten Steve which I molded out of sugar paste.

minecraft_party-001-(Side-1) minecraft_party-002-(Side-2)