Fastelavn 2014

After returning from Canada and Mexico I took a small break in relation to my picture taking. Not until it became time to host our annual Fastelavns party did I whip out the camera. Once again we had nearly full attendance.  Maximilian and Melanie were the caped crusader duo Mr and Mrs batman.  Jacob came as a Christmas elf/Scottish guy and Maibritt was a very old hump-bagged lady with glasses.  David came as himself with a strange hat, Gabriel was wrapped up as a present, and Noah was an African explorer riding an elephant.  Tomas and Lynne were Ken and Barbie respectively, while Latimer came as a football star and Theo as Ben 10. Natanya/Moster came as a California highway patrol officer, Bedstefar Carlos as Sherlock Holmes and Mormor as a mermaid.  Shawn and Sienna dressed up as ninjas and Elliot as a reluctant fireman. I did a last-minute transformation of my wig from last year and painted myself white allover to emerge as a Geisha.

Fastelavn_2014-001-(Side-1)Fastelavn_2014-002-(Side-2) Fastelavn_2014-003-(Side-3) Fastelavn_2014-004-(Side-4) Fastelavn_2014-005-(Side-5)