Visiting Gump

A visit to the Aylmer area would not be complete without a visit to the kids’ most active Canadian mail buddy. A visit to Gump’s house is like a trip to a Southwestern Ontario botanical garden, and we got the full summer tour. We also managed to sneak in a load of laundry while doing the tour and chasing some chickens. Thanks again! It’s always fun seeing you!


Our first stop in Canada was to Jane and Oliver’s place in Milton. We had a lot of fun with Vanessa who was the star of the show. She was very engaged playing with Sienna and Elliot and there was never a dull moment when she was around. We had some fun times at the park and goofing around the house. We also took an afternoon to visit Pakizah, Adam, Ethan, and Cayden. We met at a trampoline park in Toronto and after a lot of jumping we sat down for a nice dinner where the kids had a lively discussion around who their favorite youtuber was. After another night in Milton the weekend was over and we were off to Port Burwell for our first camping adventure.

The 40th

With a little bit of delay I celebrated my 40th birthday on the 20th of August. We started out in the afternoon with a cake and dessert buffet which I had prepared. The buffet was adorned by a timeline with pictures of my friends dating back 25 years (including the few ones who couldn’t make it). After the cake we moved on to the entertainment. It was produced by some utterly brilliant people and I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard and for so long. Finally, we sat down for an exquisite dinner, which I cannot take credit for as it was prepared by a professional and very skillful chef, Morten Vagner. Thank you to my amazing friends for making this event a bigger success than I had ever dreamed of.

40th-001 40th-002 40th-003 40th-004 40th-005 40th-006 40th-007 40th-008 40th-009 40th-010 40th-011 40th-012 40th-013 40th-014 40th-015 40th-016 40th-017

Guests only: click here for explicit video content (password protected).


We spent the weekend with Jane and Oliver at their house in Milton. The kids were excited to play with Vanessa and Hayley and I think Vanessa was really happy to get some kids to goof around with. We did some other quick visits, meeting up with Pakizah and Adam and family, and Chris Orsi and family later at the science center in Toronto. Last but not least, Oliver got the chance to show his skating moves to Sienna and Elliot at the local Milton skating rink.

Milton_2016-001-(Side-1) Milton_2016-002-(Side-2)

Jane & Oliver’s Wedding

After enjoying all of our adventures and travels we finally came to the main event, Oliver and Jane’s wedding.  It was a very hot day under the sun but the kids were perfectly behaved.  Elliot was very proud to wear his fancy clothes and Sienna looked pretty in her new dress.  The bride and groom stole the show and a great day was had by everyone.

Oliver_jane_wedding-001-(Side-1) Oliver_jane_wedding-002-(Side-2) Oliver_jane_wedding-003-(Side-3) Oliver_jane_wedding-004-(Side-4) Oliver_jane_wedding-005-(Side-5)


Before heading back to Denmark we made a stop in Milton to visit our friends Oliver, Jane, and Hayley at their new house. After dinner the kids had a fun time playing with Hayley who showed them some new games.  Before we left Oliver whipped out his green lantern costume and had Shawn try it on to see if the kids could figure out who it was.


Visit from Jutland

In the beginning of September Malene, Torben, Anne, and Mikkel came to visit us from Jutland.  The kids picked up where they left off in July so they played really well together and had loads of fun.  Since the builder of our house failed to give us a user manual, Torben helped update our not so smart ‘smart’ house functionality and showed Shawn how to program it.  We enjoyed some good company and good food for a great weekend.


Visiting friends in Åbybro

On the way back home from the summerhouse we took a small detour and visited our friends Malene and Torben and their kids Anne and Mikkel. They had recently bought a big house in the country so there was a lot of stuff for the kids to play with.  Elliot and Mikkel played with Torben’s boat while Sienna and Anne set up a play beauty parlor inside the house.   We later took a ride in the boat on the fjord (Limfjorden) and then hunted for sea creatures along the shore.  We found lots of crabs and starfish which you could capture and transfer to a touching pool nearby.  On the way home from the fjord we stopped by a strawberry patch to harvest some fresh strawberries to eat for dinner.

Aabybro_2013-001-(Side-1) Aabybro_2013-002-(Side-2) Aabybro_2013-005-(Side-5) Aabybro_2013-004-(Side-4) Aabybro_2013Aabybro_2013-003-(Side-3)


I finally got around to transferring the rest of the pictures from our vacation to my new computer, so here are a couple of shots from when Elliot and I went to Minnesota to visit my dear old friend and roommate from NYC. To those of you who may not know her, I should mention that her name is Brooke, but the kids call her Baboo (as in baboon) due to some serious  issues with body hair on her back, her calfs, and her knuckles. We also got to spend a lot of quality time with Baboo’s  husbond, Joe. He is a really great guy who always wears a hat, and as you can see from below Elliot really bonded with him during our visit. They started up the fireplace together, played with play dough and glow sticks, and Elliot also  taught Joe about a few cool apps on the Ipad. In case you are wondering, it is Baboo’s nephew, Brody, who is starring as Scooby Doo. As I’m posting these pictures, I’m realizing that you can’t see neither Baboo nor Joe very well, so as a service I have just added a few pics from some previous visits. The one collage is from 3½ years ago when we attended Baboo and Joe’s wedding (the only time I’ve seen Joe without a hat), and the other one is from when Sienna and I came for a visit in NYC in 2007.

Brooke & Joe's wedding, July 12 2008
Sienna in New York, Summer of 2007.

Thanks Guys

This will probably be the never-ending story with me, but I am still far behind on the pictures. I am sorting like a crazy and will soon return with some of the missing ones, but before I do that I just want to express our gratitude to Kim, Chris and Lucas, who spent a week with us at the cruise and thereafter endured our company for another 5 days while we stayed at their house in downtown Toronto. Amazingly enough we were still good friends after spending all this time together.

Thank you so much for everything guys!

A big thanks to Kim, Chris and Lucas. See you next year!
A big thanks to Kim, Chris and Lucas. See you next year!

A day at the park

We spend most of Saturday at the park with some good friends. Great weather, great food,  and great company. On the picture the kids are getting ready to head over to the paddling pool. They are situated in an enormous bicycle which is becoming an increasingly popular means of transportation here in Copenhagen. The featured model is the top of the line, though. It costs the same as a smaller car would cost in North America. Unfortunately it doesn’t belong to us.

Sienna, Elliot and Oliver getting ready to go to the paddling pool