Happy birthday Gump

Gump is always sending packages of toys and knickknacks to the kids and they love it, so this year we decided to celebrate his birthday in absentia. The kids got out their nicest attire and we baked some muffins that for some reason ended up looking like little turds. They didn’t taste good either, but we still managed to have a party! Thanks a lot for all the gifts Gump!

Merry Christmas

I decided not to send Christmas cards out this year so instead I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas here. Our Christmas Eve was nice and relaxing, despite the fact that our stove broke down and we had to cook dinner on a camping stove (not quite, but almost). We had the pleasure of having my parents with us again this year and they stayed overnight. In the morning, the kids opened presents from the Canadian side of the family and in the afternoon we went for a walk on the beach as it was such a beautiful day.

Christmas_2015 Christmas_2015-005-(Side-5) Christmas_2015-006-(Side-6) Christmas_2015-007-(Side-7)

Happy Birthday Moster

Due to lack of resources I have stopped posting the birthday greetings for family members on the blog, but since Sienna and I had so much fun making this particular one for Moster (and since we are a little bit proud of our first still picture movie ever), I decided to make an exception to the rule. To those whose Danish is a bit rusty, “Tillykke” means “Congratulations” and “Moster” is the Danish word for “Aunt”. So Happy Birthday to Moster!

Presents for Bedstefar Carlos

Bedstefar Carlos’ didn’t wish for anything particular for his birthday so we decided to give him money so that he could go shopping on his own. I do think that money is one of the most unoriginal presents you can give, so the kids and I strive to add a little bit of originality. This time we made a bunch of coins in to catterpillars and then stuvk with that theme and made catterpillar greetings and catterpillar cupcakes and Bedstefar Carlos was very pleased with everything.

bc_presents-002-(Side-2) bc_presents-001-(Side-1)

Father’s day

These days I am constantly in London for a work project so it is more difficult than ever to keep up the blog. I just posted a birthday greeting to Tessa which was all prepared and ready to go for 5 June, but due to some technical issues unfortunately it got slightly delayed. In this post I am attaching the greeting that Sienna and Elliot prepared for Father’s day, which – in Denmark – is also on the 5th of June. When Shawn was in Italy with his work the kids and I went to the beach to gather rocks. We then glued them together and Sienna drew the pictures of her and Elliot. We colored them in the computer and printed them out and finally, I cut them out and glued them to the rocks. I think the little people ended up looking amazing – cool and cute at the same time, just like the real life versions – and needless to say, Shawn was very happy about the kids’ surprising him with this greeting.


Happy Birthday Kyle

I’m very behind on my pictures and the blog, but I’m planning to catch up soon. In the meantime I am posting this birthday picture from Sienna to Kyle. Kyle’s birthday cake should keep him satisfied for a while seeing that it is around 5 times bigger than him. It’s a layered cake with nice colors and Kyle’s name on the bottom of it. In addition there is a bunch of cool balloons, some giant flowers, and a big present. The real present is in the mail and should be arriving shortly. We hope you have a great day Kyle and look forward to spending more time with you and see how big you’we grown next time we come to Canada. Lots of big birthday hugs from all of your family in Denmark.


Happy Birthday Owen

Happy birthday Owen. We know you are really into Super Mario so Sienna and Elliot worked on making you pictures of him and Luigi. Sienna’s is a shown below but Elliot also colored a picture for you, which he didn’t get to finish as all of a sudden it was bedtime. We hope that you like the present that we sent you, it goes along with the theme.


Happy Birthday Aunt Angela and Uncle Pete

This year’s birthday greeting to Aunt Angela and Uncle Pete was a little bit delayed due to the fact that Sienna had decided to hand over her greetings in person. So here she is giving Aunt Angela a picture of a gigantic birthday cake, and Uncle Pete got a little seahorse made from beads and a snake made from foam clay. Happy belated birthday to the both of you.

Happy Birthday Owen

Sienna knows how much you like Thomas so she drew this picture with him and you featured together in the hills. We hope you are having a fantastic birthday and that you are getting lots of new fun toys. We sent a present your way but we could only find one of the really slow mailmen, so it will probably be a day or two more before it arrives. Lots of loves and hugs from your family in Copenhagen.