Easter Cookies

We had so much fun decorating Christmas cookies with Moster in December that we decided to get together for another round and what better occasion than Easter? Sienna and Moster’s cookies are featured in the top half and Elliot’s and mine are in the bottom. We were slightly handicapped by the fact that I didn’t make enough icing, but nevertheless we got some good results, if I say so myself. And I have to say that I’m impressed with the kids’ progress. Sienna copied the technique Moster used for one of her bunnies and she also copied my carrot and it’s difficult to tell the cookies apart.

Easter_Cookies_2013 Easter_Cookies-002-(Side-2) Easter_Cookies-001-(Side-1)

1 thought on “Easter Cookies

  1. wow what nice cookies you all made i love the way that they are all so differant you have to tell mommy that i would like the recipee for the cookies so that i can make them for tessa and owen a d logad and kenzie but i think that kyle would be to small yet dont you think

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