I finally got around to transferring the rest of the pictures from our vacation to my new computer, so here are a couple of shots from when Elliot and I went to Minnesota to visit my dear old friend and roommate from NYC. To those of you who may not know her, I should mention that her name is Brooke, but the kids call her Baboo (as in baboon) due to some serious  issues with body hair on her back, her calfs, and her knuckles. We also got to spend a lot of quality time with Baboo’s  husbond, Joe. He is a really great guy who always wears a hat, and as you can see from below Elliot really bonded with him during our visit. They started up the fireplace together, played with play dough and glow sticks, and Elliot also  taught Joe about a few cool apps on the Ipad. In case you are wondering, it is Baboo’s nephew, Brody, who is starring as Scooby Doo. As I’m posting these pictures, I’m realizing that you can’t see neither Baboo nor Joe very well, so as a service I have just added a few pics from some previous visits. The one collage is from 3½ years ago when we attended Baboo and Joe’s wedding (the only time I’ve seen Joe without a hat), and the other one is from when Sienna and I came for a visit in NYC in 2007.

Brooke & Joe's wedding, July 12 2008
Sienna in New York, Summer of 2007.

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