Day trip to Sweden

We took a day trip on our Easter holiday just across the water to Sweden where we visited Helsingborg and Landskrona. Landskrona does not have much to offer but it is directly across the water on the Swedish side from where we live and it has an old Danish castle (from when that part of Sweden was Danish) from the 1500’s which is in fairly good condition. I played a trick on the kids and pretended to give Shawn a text from the Easter bunny which said they had to go out and hunt for some Easter treats which I had hid in the cannons by the water. From Landskrona we went to Helsingborg and visited the old part of town where there was another old Danish castle on top of the hill in the city center. Sienna and Shawn climbed to the while Elliot and I enjoyed the nice Spring weather on a bench below. Finally, we then went to visit an outdoor air museum with some old farm buildings and other Swedish heritage buildings from a few hundred years ago.

Helsingborg-001 Helsingborg-002 Helsingborg-003 Helsingborg-004 Helsingborg-005 Helsingborg-006 Helsingborg-007 Helsingborg-008 Helsingborg-009 Helsingborg-010

Easter Cookies

Sienna’s birthday fell right after Easter this year so she decided for an Easter-themed party thus towards the end of March, we figured it would be a good idea to have Moster come by and help us decorate some Easter cookies. She brought along Sara, and Elliot invited Julia – the kid next door – in as well.  As always, the results speak for themselves, although Elliot wasn’t quite as much in to it as he normally is. I also had to decorate many more cookies than everybody else to ensure that there would be enough for all the future party guests. If you are wondering why there are two Easter giraffes they are part of a secret project which will be revealed later in time.

Easter_cookies_2014-001-(Side-1) Easter_cookies_2014-002-(Side-2)

Happy belated Easter

During Easter we were spitting out eggs by the dozen;  colorful ones, metallic/sandy ones, some decorated with thumbprints, some pretty rose colored ones with letters/words, some made from beads, and some made from paper (only a few of them are featured here).  We also decorated some of the stuff that we found at the beach. Sienna really liked the beach glass and the rocks that were shaped like eggs while Elliot chose his own little variety of rocks to decorate.

Easter_2013x-002-(Side-2) Easter_2013x-001-(Side-1)


Easter Cookies

We had so much fun decorating Christmas cookies with Moster in December that we decided to get together for another round and what better occasion than Easter? Sienna and Moster’s cookies are featured in the top half and Elliot’s and mine are in the bottom. We were slightly handicapped by the fact that I didn’t make enough icing, but nevertheless we got some good results, if I say so myself. And I have to say that I’m impressed with the kids’ progress. Sienna copied the technique Moster used for one of her bunnies and she also copied my carrot and it’s difficult to tell the cookies apart.

Easter_Cookies_2013 Easter_Cookies-002-(Side-2) Easter_Cookies-001-(Side-1)

A good day for a picnic

Yesterday we kicked off Easter by packing the picnic basket and venturing off into the forest. Due to the big success of the scavenger hunt we did in the autumn, I had arranged for another little quest. This time the kids had to identify five signs of spring and also find five things which didn’t belong in the forest. Just as last time they had to document their findings by taking pictures of them and you can see the results here. In between hunting for things we sat down in a sunny spot to enjoy our food and a few treats. We also read from the children’s bible to remind ourselves why we are celebrating Easter. The sun was shining and everyone was enjoying themselves, and I had to utterly agree with Elliot when he exclaimed “it’s a good day for a picnic”.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday it was time for this year’s Easter egg hunt. While the kids where distracted inside the crummy old house, a little Easter bunny appeared on the lawn. She was singing and dancing and asking for help to find her lost eggs. Once the kids had found all 15 of them and put them in the basket, they magically transformed into two big eggs with gummy bears inside. Both Sienna and Elliot were very infatuated with the little bunny, which hasn’t stopped singing or dancing since yesterday. As you can tell from the pictures, it was a very nice day where we also found the time to play some ball and practice skipping. Happy Easter to all of you out there.

Pictures from the Summerhouse

Here are some pictures from the summerhouse as promised. We lucked out on the weather and for the first three days we were able to enjoy some sunshine and spend some quality time outside. Both Sienna and Elliot had a really good time and enjoyed having new surroundings to explore. They enjoyed themselves so much that when we got home they suffered from severe post vacation syndrome and were quite grumpy and discontent for a couple of days. They are now back into the swing of things.

Easter Prep.

Shawn suggested that we get out of the city for Easter so tomorrow we are heading towards the summerhouse we stayed in last June. The weather forecast is not looking too great, but I got rain gear for everybody so we’ll just have fun doing lots of puddle jumping. Today we were busy with some of the preparations for Easter. We decorated some nice eggs that we plan to hand over to the Easter Bunny. He will hide them for us so we can go on our yearly Easter Egg Hunt. Elliot quickly decided that decorating eggs wasn’t so interesting, so he dived into the crafts box and found some mosaics that he decorated himself with instead.