Checking out School

The school year in Denmark typically starts around the 2nd week of August, but if you are just starting school – like Elliot this year – you get to spend the months of May and June at the school to familiarize yourself a bit with everything beforehand. During one of the last days of April, Elliot was invited to the school to meet his new teacher and all of his new class mates for the first time. He was very happy and excited and wanted to hang around at the school’s play ground long after everyone had left.


Elliot @ 3 Years Old

Today was Elliot’s third birthday and just like last year I took the day off to spend some serious quality time with him.  I have a few pictures to post, but I am in the process of installing a new computer so even the most simple little projects are taking for ever. I plan to catch up and also get the rest of the pictures from our vacation up very soon, so have patience with me. In the meantime a very happy birthday to my big boy, who is growing way too fast.

Quality time

While Sienna and Shawn have been in Canada the past week, Elliot and I have had a chance to get some good quality time in just the two of us. The kid gets up at 5 am every morning, so even though I have been working, there has been plenty of hours in the day to do fun stuff. We’ve playing with play-dough, playing lots of Super Mario Galaxy 2, sipping tea, and doing quite a bit of painting. You can see some of his masterpieces below. The first picture is of a “mommy animal eating leaves in the jungle”, the next one is an assortment of “leaves”, and the last one is a “baby hippo”, which I believe was inspired by a trip to the zoo. Today he also dropped by my office to help me rearrange things in my drawer and decorate my whiteboard and desk before the weekend. After work we went to pick up our usual Friday sushi, his favorite meal of the week, and then we finished the day off with a bit of shopping and running around at the mall. Tomorrow we are picking Sienna and Shawn up at the airport  first thing in the morning, which we are both looking very much forward to.

2 years and 2 months…

I know the blog is suffering these days. Designing a house is very time-consuming, so pretty much every minute after the kids are tucked into bed is put towards this project. The other day I did find time to snap Elliot’s monthly shot, though, and for the first time ever he decided to co-operate. He sat down, gave me a big smile, and looked straight into the camera. A few minutes later he was off to play the Wii. Having just turned two, he is fairly advanced when it comes to operating the Wii. One of his favorite undertakings is adding, changing, or deleting the Wii characters. He changed our characters around so that Shawn now looks like a skinny tall gay guy, and I look like a fat black woman dressed entirely in pink.

Elliot’s 2nd Birthday Party

With a slight delay, here are the pictures from Elliot’s 2nd birthday party. Before all the guests arrived Sienna helped me with the decorations. Elliot is extremely fond of monkeys (or “wonkeys” as he calls them), hence it felt natural to go with a Curious George theme. The menu had been carefully put together so there was nothing Elliot was allergic to, and he was utterly excited that he could have anything he pointed to. Daddy had made a cake from Rice Crispies and although he didn’t care much about the cake, he was very happy about the candles that he had to blow out. He frequently went around the table blowing out any other candles that he came across. Everybody had chipped in to get him a nice garage with a bunch of cars and that was a hit as well. The gift from Cousin Owen had also arrived, so thanks a lot for the letter computer and the doodle pad. Someone also sent him a blue Rory car and a yellow Rory car and we are having a difficult time finding out who it is from, so if the giver is reading this post then thanks to you too and let us know who you are.

Happy Birthday Elliot

Today Elliot turned 2 years old and I decided to celebrate it by staying home from work, so we could spend the day doing all the things he loves the most. This included; juicing on the juicer, cleaning the juicer using lots of water, cutting up lots of little colored corn-thingies, jumping on mommy and daddy’s bed, playing on the Ipad, and playing on the Wii. We picked up Sienna from Kindergarten right after lunch and then we sat down for a little snack. Sienna had made a nice balloon collage using the before mentioned corn-thingies, and she had also gotten him a cash register which Elliot was extremely excited about. He also liked the train depot we got him, and the little tractor and car that Farmor sent him. I’m convinced that he had a great day, because at one point he looked at me with a big smile and said: “me happy, mommy happy”, and I asked him: “do you like having your birthday?”, to which he replied a sound “yeah”. And if you are wondering whether he usually changes his shirt four times in a day, then the answer is yes, that happens quite often, unfortunately.

Elliot’s first Artwork

I have displayed a lot of Sienna’s artwork over the past few months, but Elliot is actually quite artistic too. Unfortunately he seems to prefer tables, floors, furniture, or himself as his canvas. This morning he decided to paint over the entire kitchen floor with a colorful mix of spices. I didn’t have time to take a picture, but it looked a lot nicer than it smelled. Let’s just say that we won’t be going to any Indian restaurants any time soon because I could only smell curry for the rest of the day. Instead of his spicy art, I am posting the very first picture that he made completely unassisted and where he actually limited himself to drawing on the paper only. Naturally, I am very proud of him.

Elliot's very first artwork that he made unassisted and without painting on either himself, the table, the floor or any of the furniture.

Elliot Troublemaker Ramsey

How can something so cute be so full of trouble? Elliot’s personality is really developing and while he is a very loving and affectionate little boy, he also has another side to him which is turning him into the #1 troublemaker of the year. When things don’t go his way he gets angry and throws whatever he is playing with across the room. He dislikes order so much that he goes around and dumps anything that can be dumped on the ground, tips over boxes etc. He also seems to think that the inside of the toilet is a natural choice for storing a lot of different things. If he wants to watch Curious George and we don’t let him, he proceeds to throw himself on the floor and cry on top of his lungs. He has graduated from emptying all the kitchen cabinets on the floor to pushing around furniture, so he can climb up and see what we are doing (and rearrange everything on the kitchen counter while he is at it). He really enjoys the family dinner and is always the first one to sit down at the table – sometimes and hour before we are about to eat. He will gladly set the table to speed up things, and then he will sit in his chair and yell until dinner is served. When we try and tell him that his behavior is “bad” he misinterprets it as “b@th” every single time. His face lights up and he happily does the b@th sign, where after he runs to the b@throom.


I am usually not a big fan of clowns, but of course the little cute one below is an exception to the rule. All the kids at the daycare were performing some kind of circus activity the other day and Sienna had chosen to be one of the clowns. At first they were all tripping over some toy and then Sienna pulled the chair away from under one of the other clowns so he fell to the ground. They were also throwing pies at each other. While Sienna was performing, Elliot was busy checking out the premises; he was looking for escape routes, testing the power outlet, and ensuring that the doll’s bed was sturdily built and could hold a doll of at least 25 lbs.

Monthly Pictures

Every month since the kids were born I have been taking their picture – Elliot on the 17th and Sienna on the 29th. Today I quickly had to shoot Sienna before she headed over to mormor and BC’s house for some quality time, and naturally Elliot decided to do everything in his power to obstruct this project. First he kept getting in the frame and as soon as I tried exploiting this by getting a shot of them both, he catapulted off the couch and ran over, jumped on my back, and tried to pull the camera away from me. He is crazy about pushing the buttons on anything electronic. He turns the dvd player and the Wii on and off at least 70 times a day. Although Elliot gets on Sienna’s nerves sometimes (for instance by turning her Diego dvd off for the 20th time in 5 minutes) they really play nicely and they love to cuddle with each other. They are becoming more and more inseparable. Before Elliot will eat his kale breakfast smoothie he has to go and wake Sienna up. He will stand at the end of the bed and continuously do the “eat” sign until she gets going and joins him at the dinner table.

january 29th