Visiting Gump

A visit to the Aylmer area would not be complete without a visit to the kids’ most active Canadian mail buddy. A visit to Gump’s house is like a trip to a Southwestern Ontario botanical garden, and we got the full summer tour. We also managed to sneak in a load of laundry while doing the tour and chasing some chickens. Thanks again! It’s always fun seeing you!

Sienna’s 8th Family Birthday Party

The entire family showed up for Sienna’s 8th birthday party so lots of food was needed. Sienna took complete charge of her own birthday cake, right from selecting a recipe to cooking and decorating it. Mormor did show up a little bit earlier than the rest of the guests to offer her support and Elliot also gave a helpful hand. Sienna got to open Mormor’s and BC’s present first, which was a basket for the brand new bike we had snuck in to her room. Both presents were very well received and she immediately took the new bike for a spin. Sienna got lots of different nail polish from Moster and the Lego Cruise Boat from her cousins/aunts/uncles and as the pictures show these presents were also a big hit.
Sienna_8_years_family_party-001-(Cover-1) Sienna_8_years_family_party-002-(Cover-2) Sienna_8_years_family_party-003-(Cover-3) Sienna_8_years_family_party-004-(Cover-4)

Sienna Horseback Riding

Last Sunday Sienna’s aunt Solise (A.K.A. Louise) had invited Sienna to go horseback riding. We all traveled on a small ferry to a tiny Island called Omø where some of Solise’s friends have a farm with horses. Solise and uncle David and Gabriel brought delicious sandwiches, so we all sat down for a nice picnic before Sienna ventured off on a big horse. The horse was nice and calm, but started off by shuttering to get rid of some flies. This was a little bit intimidating for Sienna, but fortunately uncle David was walking right next to her ready to catch her if anything went wrong. She passed her first riding experience with flying colors and mommy and daddy and baby Elliot were all very proud of her. Thanks to Solise, Uncle David and Gabriel for a very nice day.

On the little ferry
On the little ferry to Omø

Enjoying a nice picnic and getting ready to go horseback riding
Picnic time (from left: David, Simone (Louise's sister), Louise, Sienna and Shawn. Gabriel and Elliot are in their baby carriages in the back. Naomi is behind the camera)

Finding seashells and grasshoppers
Finding seashells and grasshoppers

Sienna horseback riding
Sienna horseback riding


Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Tivoli. Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world  (the oldest one is a little bit outside of Copenhagen) and it has an amazing atmosphere. It is packed with beautiful flowers and in the night it is lit up with colorful lamps all over the place. I just love going there and since it is within walking distance from our home, we go there quite often. This particular time we were also bringing Bedstefar Carlos (BC) and mormor. For months Sienna had been talking about how she would like to go on a balloon ride (a tiny and very old ferris wheel) and she wanted to bring BC and mormor. BC was slightly frightened by the ordeal so Sienna held on to him real tight during the entire ride (and fortunately he made it through alive).