Happy birthday Gump

Gump is always sending packages of toys and knickknacks to the kids and they love it, so this year we decided to celebrate his birthday in absentia. The kids got out their nicest attire and we baked some muffins that for some reason ended up looking like little turds. They didn’t taste good either, but we still managed to have a party! Thanks a lot for all the gifts Gump!

Visiting Gump

A visit to the Aylmer area would not be complete without a visit to the kids’ most active Canadian mail buddy. A visit to Gump’s house is like a trip to a Southwestern Ontario botanical garden, and we got the full summer tour. We also managed to sneak in a load of laundry while doing the tour and chasing some chickens. Thanks again! It’s always fun seeing you!

Visiting Oma and Gump

After Milton we went to visit Oma in her nursing home and she is still quite the character always coming up with a big smile when she sees us.  Suzy was there to visit as well and gave the kids penguin socks as a reminder of her visit with us last year. After Oma, we made a wintery stop over at Gump’s place to say hi and to thank him for all the packages he mails the kids.  Elliot and Sienna got their traditional quick ride on his wheelchair while I was busy admiring the colorful birds.



Hanging out with Farmor and Gump

Farmor lives together with Gump (Darryl) a little bit down the road from Uncle Derek and Aunt Crystal. There is always lots to do at their house. The pigs need to be feeded, vegetables need to be picked, wagon rides need to be taken, driveways need to be decorated, and birds need to be nurtured (the little bird flew into a window and Sienna held it in her warm soft hand until it was feeling better and was ready to take off again).