Happy Birthday Sienna

On our last day in Brussels Sienna turned twelve. We celebrated her birthday at a little brunch place called “Oma’s”. Sienna had been hesitant to break her life-long tradition of going to Tivoli with mormor on her birthday, so Elliot and I put extra thought and attention into ensuring that she still felt like it was a special day. As it is very clear from the pictures, Elliot hit spot on with the present that he had gotten for her. The food was good too, although they were very cheap with the pastries so Sienna and I made sure to fill up on an excellent Crème Brûlée.

Happy 10th Birthday to Sienna

It was one very happy 10-year old who got out of bed this morning. She started out the day with some nice new clothes including some cool neon items, which she will need for the neon-themed birthday party we are throwing for her class at the end of May. She also got some rolling shoes from her cousins in Canada and she got a weekend trip to Barcelona from us. After opening the presents there was time for some cinnamon waffles with ice cream and sprinkles. After that she was off to school. To commemorate the day, she brought homemade party puppies to her teachers and all of her class mates. Before lunch I picked her up from school again, and as tradition goes we headed to Tivoli to celebrate the big day with Mormor.

Sienna_10-001 Sienna_10-002 Sienna_10-003

Canada 2010 (continued)

I still have more pictures from Canada that I need to post, but as some of you know, I had laser surgery done on my eyes and my vision is taking a lot longer to recover than expected. So I basically can’t see very well, which makes it difficult to do any kind of work on the pictures or make new blog posts. However, even with the blurriest of visions, I’m fairly confident that my little cutie patootie looks pretty adorable in this frame.

April 29th

On the 29th Sienna woke up to daddy’s homemade pancakes and a mountain of presents from Canada. As previously mentioned Sienna was very happy about all the presents and below are a few pictures showing her in action opening the presents with her little helper (I didn’t snap too many, because Shawn videotaped it). Just before lunch on the same day 22 of Sienna’s friends from kindergarten popped by. The apartment was decorated with lots of green streamers, balloon-flowers, butterflies, orangutans, spiders, and big spiderwebs. I had created a treasure hunt with a Dora-theme where Swiper had mixed up a lot of maps, and in the Magical Butterfly Jungle the kids had to use their senses and brains to identify the right map, which would then give them the next clue. They had to recognize animal sounds, count spiders, smell an old fish and give me some facts about animals and the jungle. They solved all the tasks and were able to get the right map and the next clue, which took them outside. Once again they had to solve different tasks and find balloons of various colors to find out where to go next. In the end it turned out that Swiper had hidden the treasure in the Kindergarten. When the kids returned they each got a bag holding some party gifts and a special lunch made of hippo sandwiches, slimy snails, butterfly and caterpillar biscuits, and some vegetables. In the afternoon Sienna, mormor, and yours truly headed to Tivoli to enjoy some rides and a nice dinner. Before it was time for bed, Sienna had a last doze of Dora as daddy read her bedtime books.


I am usually not a big fan of clowns, but of course the little cute one below is an exception to the rule. All the kids at the daycare were performing some kind of circus activity the other day and Sienna had chosen to be one of the clowns. At first they were all tripping over some toy and then Sienna pulled the chair away from under one of the other clowns so he fell to the ground. They were also throwing pies at each other. While Sienna was performing, Elliot was busy checking out the premises; he was looking for escape routes, testing the power outlet, and ensuring that the doll’s bed was sturdily built and could hold a doll of at least 25 lbs.

Monthly Pictures

Every month since the kids were born I have been taking their picture – Elliot on the 17th and Sienna on the 29th. Today I quickly had to shoot Sienna before she headed over to mormor and BC’s house for some quality time, and naturally Elliot decided to do everything in his power to obstruct this project. First he kept getting in the frame and as soon as I tried exploiting this by getting a shot of them both, he catapulted off the couch and ran over, jumped on my back, and tried to pull the camera away from me. He is crazy about pushing the buttons on anything electronic. He turns the dvd player and the Wii on and off at least 70 times a day. Although Elliot gets on Sienna’s nerves sometimes (for instance by turning her Diego dvd off for the 20th time in 5 minutes) they really play nicely and they love to cuddle with each other. They are becoming more and more inseparable. Before Elliot will eat his kale breakfast smoothie he has to go and wake Sienna up. He will stand at the end of the bed and continuously do the “eat” sign until she gets going and joins him at the dinner table.

january 29th

Happy New Year

I was planning to do a New Year’s greeting with a nice family shot today, but like 99% of the other times I’ve planned to do family shots, it’s like the sun doesn’t even get up and it stays grey and extremely dark the entire day. So no light and therefore no family photo!  Instead I am wishing everyone Happy New Year with some amazing artwork from Sienna. She has always been very clear on whatever it is she has painted or drawn, but up until know it has been difficult to interpret her art in the same way that she has  herself. On the pictures below, however, I think it is very easy to see that it is a monkey with a yellow hand holding some balloons and a lion eating some purple flowers while 2 snakes are peeking out from a bush.

The artist featured with her most recent masterpieces.
The artist featured with her most recent masterpieces.

This girl makes me so proud…

Sienna started getting an allowance about 3 weeks ago. She gets $5 a week and today that had accumulated to around $15, so it was time to go to the mall to do some shopping. While I was at the craft store, the kids and Shawn were at the toy store and Shawn was explaining to her, what her money could buy. When I joined the party, Sienna had decided to spend her entire fortune on a red ball and a little egg/rattle thing for herself, and get this; a little black ball for Elliot and a rattle for him too… “because I love him and he doesn’t have his own money” (her words). You just gotta love this kid!



Sienna loves to jump and has been doing it ever since she was born. Yesterday she jumped a little bit longer than expected and landed on daddy. Unfortunately daddy was a lot harder to land on than the nice soft bed, so after 10 minutes of crying hard we rushed off to the hospital. I think Sienna’s loud yelling got us through the emergency room a bit faster, so only 2 hours later her little arm was wrapped up in a cast. Upon Sienna’s request daddy drew an “s” on the cast, mommy made a fish and a car, and Sienna made a pretty lion in bright yellow, pink, and blue colors.

Sienna and her broken arm
Sienna and her broken arm

Sienna Horseback Riding

Last Sunday Sienna’s aunt Solise (A.K.A. Louise) had invited Sienna to go horseback riding. We all traveled on a small ferry to a tiny Island called Omø where some of Solise’s friends have a farm with horses. Solise and uncle David and Gabriel brought delicious sandwiches, so we all sat down for a nice picnic before Sienna ventured off on a big horse. The horse was nice and calm, but started off by shuttering to get rid of some flies. This was a little bit intimidating for Sienna, but fortunately uncle David was walking right next to her ready to catch her if anything went wrong. She passed her first riding experience with flying colors and mommy and daddy and baby Elliot were all very proud of her. Thanks to Solise, Uncle David and Gabriel for a very nice day.

On the little ferry
On the little ferry to Omø
Enjoying a nice picnic and getting ready to go horseback riding
Picnic time (from left: David, Simone (Louise's sister), Louise, Sienna and Shawn. Gabriel and Elliot are in their baby carriages in the back. Naomi is behind the camera)
Finding seashells and grasshoppers
Finding seashells and grasshoppers
Sienna horseback riding
Sienna horseback riding

A day at the park

We spend most of Saturday at the park with some good friends. Great weather, great food,  and great company. On the picture the kids are getting ready to head over to the paddling pool. They are situated in an enormous bicycle which is becoming an increasingly popular means of transportation here in Copenhagen. The featured model is the top of the line, though. It costs the same as a smaller car would cost in North America. Unfortunately it doesn’t belong to us.

Sienna, Elliot and Oliver getting ready to go to the paddling pool


Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Tivoli. Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world  (the oldest one is a little bit outside of Copenhagen) and it has an amazing atmosphere. It is packed with beautiful flowers and in the night it is lit up with colorful lamps all over the place. I just love going there and since it is within walking distance from our home, we go there quite often. This particular time we were also bringing Bedstefar Carlos (BC) and mormor. For months Sienna had been talking about how she would like to go on a balloon ride (a tiny and very old ferris wheel) and she wanted to bring BC and mormor. BC was slightly frightened by the ordeal so Sienna held on to him real tight during the entire ride (and fortunately he made it through alive).