Summerhouse – Fyn

The summerhouse we rented on Fyn (Funen) was very close to the beach and although the weather was not warm enough for swimming we got a lot of use out of the beach going for walks and hunting for rocks.  My mom and dad came to visit for a few days and we took them to see some surrounding museums in the city of Svendborg.  The rest of the time we relaxed, played games, and enjoyed each other’s company.

summerhouse_fyn-001-(Side-1) summerhouse_fyn-002-(Side-2) summerhouse_fyn-003-(Side-3) summerhouse_fyn-004-(Side-4)


Exploring the Northern part of Jutland

We took a week in July to the northwest coast of Jutland were we had rented a summerhouse close to the beach. We were enlightened by a visit for from Mormor and Bedstefar Carlos for some of the days we were there and they were very happy to have the opportunity to join us in our exploration of the region. One of the unique features of the area is the ever shifting sand dunes which move a few meters a year.  Because of this phenomenon buildings in the path of the moving sand eventually get buried. One example of this is the medieval church you can see below.  The church was built in the 15th century but during the last half of the 18th century it was partially buried by sand from the nearby dunes. The congregation had to dig out the entrance each time a service was to be held. The struggle to keep the church free of sand lasted until 1795, when it was abandoned and today only the steeple isn’t covered by sand. In the pictures below we have also climbed a huge sand dune to get a view of Rubjerg Knude lighthouse – or what’s left of it. This structure was also fighting against the sand dunes for many years until eventually the preservation work clearing away the sand dune was ceased.  In Skagen, which is the northernmost point of Denmark, we also got to experience a rare phenomenon. This is where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet but the two opposing tides cannot merge as they have different densities and temperatures. You can easily see the waves crash into each other and when they meet they cause turbulences that make it a dangerous area to cross by boat. Finally, we also did a trip to Hirtshals lighthouse were we visited a bunker museum and got a guided tour of the bunkers.


Moving out

It’s been a quiet few weeks on the blog due to the fact that we have been very busy with moving and fixing up our old apartment. Unfortunately our house is still far from being finished, so we are currently living out of a rented summerhouse. The commute is fairly long for Danish standards, but the kids are handling it well, and they like the fact that they can just go outside and play. Here they are playing ball and Frisbee.

Pictures from the Summerhouse

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to a summerhouse in North Zealand. Although the weather forecast had predicted mostly rain, we only had one day of bad weather. The rest of the time we had fun playing outside or in the indoor pool and the jacuzzi. I had gotten little rafts for the kids and a battery driven squid, which they spent a lot of time chasing around in the pool. Sienna’s doll, Maddie, also jumped in her swim suit and joined in on the fun.  Some of the other highlights were; playing  the games that Sienna got for her birthday (Sienna didn’t want to stop playing the “go ape” game), and a day trip to the bird zoo, which also contained other animals such as goats, lizards, bunnies, hamsters, and moles (we didn’t see any moles, but Elliot dissected all the mole hills). There was also a lot of bug finding and exploring, playing with rocks and water, and building sand castles on the beach. And as usual we had the pleasure of having mormor and BC keeping us company for a couple of days.

Pictures from the Summerhouse

Here are some pictures from the summerhouse as promised. We lucked out on the weather and for the first three days we were able to enjoy some sunshine and spend some quality time outside. Both Sienna and Elliot had a really good time and enjoyed having new surroundings to explore. They enjoyed themselves so much that when we got home they suffered from severe post vacation syndrome and were quite grumpy and discontent for a couple of days. They are now back into the swing of things.


Here are some snapshots from our trip to a very nice summerhouse on the Vest coast of Zealand, Denmark. We were there the last week of June (2009) and the weather was unbelievable (for Danish standards, anyhow). Bedstefar Carlos (grandpa Carl) and mormor (grandma Elisabeth) stayed with us for 3 very nice and relaxing days. Jacob and Maibritt stopped by one day for dinner and so did David, Louise and Gabriel.  summerhouse1summerhouse2summerhouse3summerhouse4summerhouse5summerhouse6summerhouse7