The 40th

With a little bit of delay I celebrated my 40th birthday on the 20th of August. We started out in the afternoon with a cake and dessert buffet which I had prepared. The buffet was adorned by a timeline with pictures of my friends dating back 25 years (including the few ones who couldn’t make it). After the cake we moved on to the entertainment. It was produced by some utterly brilliant people and I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard and for so long. Finally, we sat down for an exquisite dinner, which I cannot take credit for as it was prepared by a professional and very skillful chef, Morten Vagner. Thank you to my amazing friends for making this event a bigger success than I had ever dreamed of.

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Guests only: click here for explicit video content (password protected).

5 thoughts on “The 40th

  1. happy birthday Naomi wow time flies by so quickly,your place looks amazing and looks like your party was a great success

  2. Tusind tak for en fantastisk fest. Sjældent har jeg grinet så meget. Hvor er du heldig at have så gode venner 🙂
    Knus fra Jylland.

  3. wow Naomi! just took a moment to browse these pics of your incredible celebration … what a fun day you must have had! I smiled when I saw that I made the cut in that pic from MBA orientation week with Shawn… That day I will forever remember as the time we all filed off the bus and you saw him across the crowd and declared to me that one day you would marry that man 😉
    Anyway, sending you all the best belated wishes again from over here (now in Vancouver) and hoping one day serendipity will allow us to meet again in person! xo

  4. Hi Nicole, thank you so much for your nice comment, it made me smile. Seeing that Shawn and I had only known each other for a day or two at that point, I am pretty sure I wasn’t ready to declare that I would marry him … make out with him perhaps, but the marriage statement came later down the road 🙂

    Hope that life is treating you and your family well in Vancouver and yes, it would be a lot of fun to get to meet again in person one day. You never know what life brings.

    Take care and don’t be a stranger.

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